‘Ticket’ means entry to the Island, zip line, covers all non-motorised activities and mineral water but excludes food and beverage, merchandise, lockers, and beach bucket and spade and board games.
‘We’ means the Management of Paradise Island. ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ shall be read accordingly.
‘You’ means you or anybody who in Our reasonable opinion is acting with your authority or permission. ‘Your’ shall be read accordingly.
‘Island’ means Paradise 101 Island.

All Tickets are sold subject to availability and to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be read carefully prior to purchase and any queries relating to them should be raised with Us prior to purchase, as purchase of Tickets constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Removing any part of, altering or defacing the Ticket may invalidate Your Ticket. It is Your responsibility to check Your Ticket after purchase. Please check your Tickets on receipt carefully and contact Us immediately if there is any mistake.
All persons entering the Island must hold a valid Ticket that must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by the Island Management. Failure to produce a valid Ticket on request may result in being compelled to leave the Island.
Ticket entitles admission during opening times and is valid until the end of business day unless otherwise stated.
Tickets are non-refundable and revocable. Each ticket admits one person and valid for a single day use only.
We will not be responsible for any Ticket that is lost, stolen or destroyed. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.
You may not sell and/or re-sell, barter nor exchange for goods, services or benefits. Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and not redeemable and must be used by the same person on any and all day.
Only Tickets purchased directly from us and authorised agents are valid for admission. Tickets purchased from unauthorised third parties are not valid for entry.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and you shall abide by the most recent version of the Terms and Conditions.
Day ticket prices are shown in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). You are solely liable for any currency conversion fee charged by your credit card provider.
We may from time to time, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, limit and/or cap the number of visitors due to overcrowding of the Island, inclement weather, special events to ensure safety and security or consider that the circumstances so requires regardless of tickets having been purchased. Entry shall be on a first come first serve basis.

Sun Decks, Sun Beds and Cabana are available but limited to on first come first serve basis. Complaints and/or qualms on Sun Decks, Sun Beds and Cabana will not be entertained by Us.
Cabana bookings are available on a private usage basis.
You can select your preferred Sun Decks, Sun Beds and Cabana from any of the available locations.

We reserve the right to refuse Ticket holders’ admission to the Island in reasonable circumstances or where a Ticket is void.
You by your participation accept and acknowledge the inherent risks of the rides and/or attractions in which you are participating at Paradise 101 Island.
Paradise 101 Island may close rides, attractions and/or whole of premises on a permanent or temporary basis due to adverse weather, safety, refurbishment, maintenance activity, capacity, special events or other reasons. Any extensions to the life of your ticket/pass or refunds as a result of limited visitation, suspension, premises or ride closure are at the prerogative of the Islands’ Management.
It is a condition of entry that appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. When using water activities appropriate swimwear must also be worn. No refunds will be given to guests whom are unable to ride or participate in activities due to inappropriate swim attire.
Operating time of water activities and other attractions may change without prior notice and long queues are to be anticipated during peak times.
Refunds due to close of ride, attractions and/ or water activities due to technical repairs, adverse and/or inclement of weather are at the prerogative of the Islands Management.

Alcohols are permitted and served on the beach. Alcohols brought from outside the Island will be subject to corkage fee. We have fully licensed cafes where a selection of alcohol is available to purchase. Alcohol may only be consumed in the cafes and other authorised areas.
Do not participate in any ride, activity or attraction under the influence of alcohol or other substance such as legal medication which may affect your sense and body reflexes and coordination.
Do not participate in any ride, activity or attraction, if you have any health conditions or pre-existing conditions or injuries, or if you are too afraid to participate, including without limitation heart, nerve, muscle, back, neck, bone, joint, brain, eye, ear, or other ailment or injury, or if you are pregnant. The Island Management does not, and cannot, guarantee your health, and you fully assume all risks of any ride or activity in which you choose to participate.
Illegal substance of any type such as drugs is not permitted to be brought into the island.
The following are not permitted within the Island:-
1.No pets and/or animals
2.Item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives) are not permitted to be brought into the island.
3.No inflatables, balls, scooters, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades or other equipment that may jeopardise the safety of others are permitted to be brought into the island.
4.Island has a no smoking policy. Smoking is permitted on designated smoking area
5.No BBQ activities, gas or flammable equipment and/or urns are permitted to be brought into the Island.
We reserve the right to inspect any bags or other goods in your possession or your locker immediately upon request.
We reserve our right to refuse entry or remove guests from the island for offensive behaviour, queue line jumping, stealing, vandalism, unsociable behaviour including unsocial language, displaying any signs of intoxication and/ or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to follow ride guard and/or ride safety instruction signage or failure to comply with these conditions of entry.

Guests are welcome to take pictures of themselves, their friends and family, their group, and the scenery in general, for their own personal use.
However, NO cameras of any kind (including cell phones) are allowed on any ride or attraction, because such items pose a safety hazard.
In addition, no one is permitted to take photographs of others who object, or which violate another’s privacy, rights to publicity, or which are harassing, stalking, or threatening. Image taking or recording is strictly prohibited, under all circumstances, in bathrooms, changing rooms, and locker areas; violators may be held for law enforcement, and are subject to prosecution.
The Island Management may take and use Images and Video of Guests. The Island Management at all times reserves the right to video tape patrons, and take still images, and to utilize those images and videos for any reason, including marketing, advertising, promotion, on social media, live streaming on the Internet, for safety and security, for documentation as evidence in a legal or criminal matter or other investigation, for news reporting, and otherwise in an unrestricted manner for legitimate purposes. All property ownership of such materials, and copyright in and to all such materials, shall belong exclusively to Island Management in perpetuity, without any compensation or other consideration to any guest or other person in, on or around the Island.
Commercial photography of any kind is strictly prohibited (including without limitation, still or moving images, modelling shots, student films, comedy routines, documentaries, commercials, TV news, major motion picture films, Internet soap operas, reality TV, actor demo reels, submission videos for reality TV, footage as part of a school project, documentation of stunts and dangerous activities (whether for commercial use or not), promotional videos, music videos, cable programs, etc.), except where prior, written permission has been obtained from the Island Management in the form of a contract.
In any event where unauthorized video or images has been uploaded to any social media channel, Island Management shall have the unrestricted and exclusive right and authority to have such materials removed. Any materials which defame the Island may result in legal action for damages, and the Island Management shall have absolute right and authority to obtain both temporary and permanent injunctions from the further use or dissemination of such material, in all channels and all mediums of communications, throughout the world, whether now known or hereafter devised, and to obtain all materials and obtain an order for the destruction of all such materials.

Ticket holders must comply with all relevant statutes, safety announcements and regulations whilst on the Island.
Due to safety or operational requirements rides and attraction must be utilised in accordance with Our instruction which may include restriction in relation to height, weight, age and clothing restrictions may apply. Please refer to ride signage for specific details.
For safety reasons, pregnant women, guests with certain pre-existing health issues, guests with casts, footwear, eyewear or any hard or sharp objects are not permitted to participate on rides and may be restricted on some rides and attractions.
Ride and/or attract