Platinum Paradise Package

Book our top Platinum Paradise 101 package and create everlasting
memories in Langkawi, enjoying some amazing experiences.


Our Platinum Package provides the ultimate private island experience in Langkawi. Not only will you have access to the wonderful private beach of the Paradise 101 island but you’ll have a day packed full of amazing experiences, topped off with fine dining and stunning views. Like our Silver and Gold packages, your ticket gives you all-day access to Paradise 101, however, the Platinum package includes additional experiences that will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

What’s Included!

A thrilling, splash filled and heart-pounding experience. Are you up for the challenge? Banana boats, island-hopping by jet ski, snorkeling and the infamous aqua park are just a few offerings to experience by water at Paradise 101… what are you waiting for?

Boat Ride


aqua park




Food and Drink Voucher (rm 10) for omg bar and restaurant


Kayak Fun


Shared Discover Magical Islands


Access to a Private Deck Area


Lite Bites from A La Carte Menu


Banana Boat Fun Ride


zip line


Access to Sunset on Paradise 101


I had an incredibly unforgettable experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure!

Joanne Lewis

Guest, UK

With a dedicated crew on the island, Paradise 101 creates a safe and pleasant environment, which gives you peace of mind when visiting the island. Plus who doesn’t want to say they spent the day on a private island?



Out of all the experiences, my favourite has to be the Jet Ski. Racing through those waters with my friends was honestly a fun and thrilling experience. Loved every moment!

Mia Cruz

Guest, Mexico


Compare our 3 paradise packages below and see which is best suited for your next getaway adventure. Choose from our Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages.

Is there a weight requirement for parasailing ?

– A minimum of 50 kg for Single flyer and maximum of 250kg for Triple Flyer.

– If a flyer is lighter than 50kg then they must fly as a double or triple.

Is your parasailing from the beach or from the boat ?

Parasailing from our parasail winch boat is SAFER than parasailing from the beach like many unlicensed operators in Cenang beach, for the following reasons:

1. The parasail winch boat is able manoeuvre into any wind direction, this is important for two reasons. Firstly, for take-off and landing, by being able to fly straight into the wind keeps the parasail straight which stops the parasail veering of violently to find the wind, which is what can
happen from the beach take-off. When take-off is done from the beach and the wind direction is not ideal the parasail and passenger can veer off course, possibly sending the parasail into objects or bystanders. Secondly, it allows the take-off and landing to be made at the slowest
speed possible, this gives a much more controlled landing and therefore reduces the opportunity for any injury unlike from the beach where uncontrolled hard landings are common.

2. Should the wind increase unexpectedly while flying, the parasail winch boat is able to manoeuvre accordingly and winch the passengers down to the boat. Parasailing from the beach relies on the wind conditions to be correct in order to get the boat, parasail and flayers back to the landing area. Changing wind conditions have caused passengers to be stuck in the air for hours or even have the towboat pulled onto the beach with passengers hitting buildings etc.

Can we do parasailing together ?

We do offer Single Flyer, Double Flyer and Triple Flyer options.

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