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Boasting vast experience, expertise and resources under its belt, Naam Group is Langkawi’s leading team building company who strives to deliver the best possible team building experience to valued clientele.


Naam Group prides itself on being a service-driven and multi-disciplined organisation who provides professional services in the design, planning, organisation and implementation of travel packages, incentive programs, conference, events and other group activities alike.

Why Choose Naam Group for Your Team Building Activity in Langkawi?

All of Naam’s business activities are characterised by leadership and passion, helmed by a highly-skilled, dynamic and creative team in pursuit of excellence, we will not cease to deliver. Over the years, we have successfully garnered client confidence and privileged relationships with our suppliers, and are determined to work our way up to being one of the most trusted and leading tourism organisations in Langkawi.

As a preferred team building company in the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi, Malaysia:

  • We are the ONLY service provider who OWN, OPERATE and MAINTAIN our fleet of COACHES, VEHICLES & VESSELS.
  • We are the ONLY service provider to exclusively OWN a PRIVATE ISLAND where your guests can experience a series of recreational activities from sunrise to sunset.
  • We abide by the highest SAFETY and SERVICE Standards as recognised by stringent Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (My TQA).
  • We are the ONLY Tour Management Company to assist in our clients’ INBOUND & OUTBOUND ticketing needs.
  • We deal with bookings and alterations DIRECTLY with ALL THE PREMIER HOTELS in LANGKAWI i.e. St Regis, Westin, The Datai, Four Seasons, Andaman, The Danna.
  • We own VESSELS that are FULLY CERTIFIED, INSURED, and FULLY COMPLIANT with Malaysian Maritime Safety Standards.
  • We are an ECO-FRIENDLY company as the ONLY tour operator to be partnered with Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark.

Naam is fully accredited and insured for its team building games Langkawi such as all the water sport activities, by relevant governing authorities. It is in our best interest to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and guests.

Naam Group has also been presented several accolades and award including: :

  • TripAdvisor-Certificate of Excellence.
  • MATTA Awards- Most Creative Tour Package.
  • Global Responsible Business Awards 2018.
  • Malaysian Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA).

What We Can Plan & Take Care Of:

Being the most preferred company for outdoor team building activity in Langkawi, we devise packages that cater for all of our clients’ requirements, this includes:

  • Airport transfers/ transportation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Restaurants, conference venues
  • Themed, bespoke events
  • Sports events and special interest tours
  • Product launches
  • Gala dinner and dances
  • Top corporate management meetings
  • Team building activities
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives and Corporate Events)
  • Weddings
  • Kids parties as well as family & friends excursions

We own multiple hubs located at some of Langkawi’s most strategic and prime locations, including::

  • Perdana Quay (Telaga Harbour)
  • Recreation Desk (Westin Resort & Spa)

On top of all those, we are currently working toward partnering with some of the major hotels inside and outside of Langkawi.

Book Unforgettable Experiences in Langkawi

In this era of globalisation, there have been more possibilities and opportunities to pursue. Every client prefers a unique experience that calls for a matching offer. We take the time to understand your budget, standards, expectations, and most importantly, your guests. The more input we receive, the better we can be of service. Sincerely brought to you by NAAM Group, we offer an extraordinary and diverse selection of experiences for you to choose from. Take your pick and leave the rest of the work to us as we put together the perfect experience package for you. Check here for further information.

Organise A Wholesome Team Building Langkawi With Us!

Malaysia’s Langkawi island makes an ideal spot for team building activities. With ample sunlight and breeze this island has to offer, standard team-building events are now a thing of the past. Catered perfectly for companies to boost staff’s morale and productivity, such as to build leadership skills, generate new ideas, improve communication, stimulate critical and creative thinking and most importantly, to grant your team a well-deserved break.

Holding team building activities in a workplace or classroom setting is now a thing of the past. Spice up the game and take your business to Langkawi’s number 1 private island where you get to relish in a series of exhilarating activities beside the pristine turquoise beach, surrounded by unspoiled natural landscape.

Helmed by a team of highly skilled individuals including an in-house HRDF certified trainer, rest assured that we are able to deliver to satisfaction, no matter how out-of-the-world your requirements are. Having organised numerous successful events in the past, we have garnered enormous trust and confidence from our clientele.

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Some of our team-building activities awaiting you include:

a) Dress Your Rock Star (Indoor)

Based on the facilitator’s instruction, each group is to design their own fashion pieces within 2 minutes using the props provided such as newspapers, plastic bags, toilet papers, coconut leaves, etc. Then, complete the quiz given to proceed to the next task.

b) Zumba Mamba (Indoor)

Create your own zumba choreography based on the music playing in the background. The time given is 10 minutes. Then, complete the given quiz in 5 minutes.

c) Aqua Park Challenge (Outdoor)

5 team members are to complete the whole session in less than 5 minutes while the others are to complete the quiz given.

d) Monkey Business (Outdoor)

3 members are required to represent this activity. Participants in charge of the Zipline have to throw an apple to the other member who is supposed to catch it, all while hanging on the Zipline. The rest of the team members should be ready to catch an apple.​​ Then, answer the quiz given.

e) Bolare-Volare (Outdoor)

This volleyball match requires each player to put on a “kain batik” and one of them, a partial blind fold. Score 10 points in 2 matches to win.

f) Alakai Hawaii (Outdoor)

Team members are challenged to complete the relay all the way from Point A to Point B and return. Finally, complete the quiz given in 15 minutes.

g) Baskritball Relay (Outdoor)

All team members are required to throw a ball into the basket given while wearing a ‘kain pelekat’ and a balloon to be put underneath their shirt. Try to achieve as many goals as possible in 2 minutes and proceed to the quiz for the upcoming task.

h) Sea Splash (Outdoor)

Half of the team members need to transfer water in a bucket from Point A to Point B. The challenge is to keep as much water as possible while the others have to pack it.

Team Buildings Trip at Langkawi Island

Host Award-Giving Ceremonies At Paradise 101

We take your award-giving ceremonies seriously. Experience luxury like never before on Paradise 101, a luxurious private island in Langkawi, Malaysia. End the year with a bang with your staff members, or raise funds for a good cause, all while being in one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. Treat your guests with an executive retreat on the island, on our private decking as you guide your executives through a scheduled strategy meeting and brainstorming for the year ahead. Most importantly, to relax after a tough year. Our team at Paradise 101 is well equipped to curate a productive working environment along with a relaxing atmosphere for downtime.


A Filming Location On A Luxurious Private Island

A Filming Location On A Luxurious Private Island Boasting magnificent vistas and infinite privacy, it makes sense to have Langkawi island as your topmost destination for an exotic filming location. TV shows, films, advertisements, you name it, Langkawi’s picturesque surroundings make an appealing backdrop for your creative product.

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Why Is Team Building in Malaysia so Important?
Team building serves as a critical building block behind the success of a workforce. With the ever-changing business landscape, achieving objectives tends to require much more effort these days. Team building provides significant training and development for employees. Simultaneously, allow the entire team to embrace the company’s objectives, vision, mission and values. Participants can better decipher information and acquire new skills under a joyful and interactive environment.
What is the Team Building Price in Langkawi?
Seeking a wonderful retreat for your company’s team building event? Langkawi has more than what you think it could offer. World class hotel and tourism facilities, pristine beaches, unspoiled rainforests, alpine mountains, delicious seafood and interesting local myths, and there is more for you to discover. NAAM aspires to make the planning of your team building retreat easier. Most usually, we offer a team building price in Langkawi of RM4,000 to RM6,000 per day for thirty guests or less. Kindly note that this amount largely depends on the type of activities, equipment, venue as well as the miscellaneous costs involved.
What are Some of the Team Building Packages You Offer?

Brought to you by NAAM Group, we can make our guests and customers choose from a unique and broad selection of outstanding experiences. Choose one of our adventures and we’ll create the perfect package.

You can choose from a vast variety of packages from parasailing, kayaking or even our Jom Lepak and Chill at Paradise 101 packages, which suit your budget and also needs.

Choose one of our adventures and we’ll create the perfect package. For further information, contact us or please visit this page here.

We aspire to host bespoke team building events that cater for each and every single of your preferences. Choose one of our adventures and we’ll improvise from there.

Our range of packages include parasailing, kayaking, cruising, island hopping, all of which can be catered according to your budget.

Should you be needing further information, kindly reach out to us or visit our website

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