Manta Ray

The shape of the iconic manta ray features a broad head with an enormous mouth flanked by two wide, flexible, fleshy lobes mimicking cephalic fins. This is a fun spot for guests to dine while enjoying the scenic beauty of Andaman Sea.

Multi-Million Dollar View

We hate to boast but no amount of money can buy such a multi-million dollar view Paradise 101 is providing. A resort overlooking the turquoise waters of Langkawi and natural surroundings, every corner is filled with scenic vistas that are set to not only take your breath away, but also the stress on your shoulders.

Toilets & Showers

Nature calls can’t wait. You can easily spot our toilets and washroom facilities located in all corners of our resorts. Frequently cleaned and sanitised to conform with topmost hygiene standards, you can quickly take your bathroom breaks or freshen up in between activities.

Seating Area

Relax and unwind in our seating area equipped with wooden benches and sun loungers overlooking the immaculate beach view as you’re sipping on hand-crafted mocktails from our bars.

Beach Volleyball

If you’re looking for the sun, sea, and sand altogether, indulge yourself in a friendly beach volleyball match at our outdoor sand court next to the pristine beach.

Life Vest

Your safety is our top priority. Our resort is equipped with coast guard-approved adult and children life vests that come in diverse sizes.

Open Shower

Open Shower and rinse yourself with our open rain shower under the clear blue sky accompanied by the tropical sounds of birds. Of course, not everyone is comfortable letting loose when surrounded by numerous pairs of eyes, you can always keep your swimsuits on as you take a quick rinse!

Instagrammable Spots

Memories fade but pictures last forever. Lucky you, every spot at our resorts is specially curated to spice up your Instagram feed. Surrounded by immaculate nature reserves, have fun posing like a model off-duty featuring the picturesque scenery.

Surau/ Prayer Rooms

Paradise 101 resort supports the prayer needs of our Muslim guests, and gladly facilitiates your requirements to express devotion through prayer five times a day. A Musholla that is quiet, fully-carpeted, allowing you to perform your prayers in a suitable and appropriate setting.

Premium Lounges

Need to take a quick business call or a tranquil spot to chill in outside of the hurly-burly of beach activities? Our premium lounges are equipped with comfy couches and seats in such an opulent setting that makes you feel like royalty.

Sunset Deck

Overlooking the spotless turquoise waters with the azure skies as your ceiling, our Sunset Deck foregrounds the picturesque vista of the Langkawi sea as your backdrop to a magical sunset evening.

OMG Bar and Restaurant

Satisfy your hunger at the amazing OMG bar and restaurant after all the fun where you are spoiled with a vast array of hand-crafted mocktails and delectable culinary delights prepared by professional bartenders and chefs using fine, exquisite ingredients.

Zipline Area

You rush through the air with an exhilarating speed; the forest shrinks beneath you, your heart pumps; the trees look like stars from the sky; adrenaline rushes through your veins. This is how we would describe your experience at Paradise 101’s Zipline Area.

Activity Desk

Should you have any inquiries regarding the activities we are offering, head over to our activity desk and let our desk personnel assist you out. Booking of adventures can also be done right on the spot!

Fishing Spots

Fishing makes a great pastime for an alone time spent relaxing in nature. Our designated fishing spots are already equipped with proper fishing equipment. How patient are you to play this waiting game?

Board Games Area

Disconnect from the game server and indulge yourself in an extensive range of board games you can physically participate in.

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