Parasailing In Langkawi

Just imagine floating up above the shimmering water while admiring the stunning seascapes of the Langkawi archipelago in complete safety. Are you excited to experience the excitement of parasailing in Langkawi and get a bird’s-eye view of the emerald green lake, the coconut fringed beaches, and the islands from the sky? We know it’s difficult to ignore the urge of taking a flight when you see so many parachutes in the sky at a place like Langkawi.

With our high-tech, custom-built parasailing vessels we assure a heart-pounding excitement awaits for water sports enthusiasts. Your safety is assured by us. With the amazing expertise of our trained captain and seasoned crew. You and your family or friends will fully enjoy it! Leave that in our safe hands!

Winch-operated device allows you to reach altitudes of up to 500 feet. You will also take-off and land directly onto and off the boat. You have the choice of remaining fully dry or requesting optional dips. Witness the spectacular view of the Andaman Sea and Paradise 101 while being protected by a wrangler and parasail safety devices. Without a doubt, your safety is our priority.

What is included?

  • Refreshing cool towels and welcome drinks 
  • Free entry to Paradise 101 
  • Full safety briefing 
  • Lifejackets for your safety

Parasailing on Langkawi is a great experience for a few adventure-minded individuals. Imagine being whisked into the sky while strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute! This is a popular activity where riders can view the beautiful shoreline of white beach from above while being pulled by a boat. This is a fun and exciting experience for those who love heights and want a birds-eye-view of the whole island. We can also guarantee this is the safest method of parasailing, taking off and landing directly from the boat.

If you are looking to scale the heights of adventure, look no further than Paradise 101 parasailing experience. With years of experience in delivering safe, exciting parasailing experiences on the Andaman sea, you will be in the best hands possible.

Enjoy and select either Single, Double or Triple Flyers. Reaching an incredible maximum height of 500 feet, you, your friends and family will experience the extreme rush of parasailing flight for about 10 minutes. The total trip will take 20-30 minutes which includes safety briefing.

So, what are you waiting for? Come fly with us and we’ll give you the most awesome adrenaline kick in Langkawi!

Single flyer RM 318

Want to go solo parasailing? Get on the single flyer and enjoy the thrill all by yourself! Our high-tech, custom-built Parasailing vessel combines heart-thumping thrills for water sports lovers. Spice up your Langkawi adventure as you fly high and enjoy the view from up above when you book this Solo Parasailing adventure. This tour is perfect for adrenaline junkies who love to try out thrilling activities on their own and want to see Langkawi from an entirely different perspective.

Double flyer RM 516

Going Parasailing Double Flyer has never been more fun! Experience the natural beauty of Paradise 101 on the water and in the air with a double parasailing adventure. See local wildlife as you soar high over the ocean and take in the views from above!

Triple flyer RM 774

Three, the perfect combination. Bring two friends and go up in the parachute together, sitting next to each other and wearing your own separate harnesses. Parasailing Triple Flyer is a perfect for those who want to share this awesome experience with someone else (and for those who just think it’s too scary to go on a single flight). Whether you’re going on a romantic date or with a group of friends, we guarantee you’ll have heaps of fun. Our triple flyer is of course also an excellent way to meet new adventurous friends.


*A minimum of 50 kg for Single flyer and maximum of 250kg for Triple Flyer.
*If a flyer is lighter than 50kg, then they must fly as a double or triple.
*Additional price for accompanying guest on Sea Osprey boat: RM 100 per person
* Any child 8 years & above participating in parasailing must be accompanied by an adult.

Book now for some thrilling parasailing fun you wouldn’t want to miss!

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