Would you say no to Langkawi? We bet not! It is one of the best places ever for a good holiday and fun activities. Langkawi Island is one of Malaysia’s best island tourist destinations. Thousands of tourists visit Langkawi every year to enjoy many activities the island has to offer. If you want to chill on the tranquil beaches, admire the mangroves, or ride a cable car for a breathtaking view, you will undoubtedly find something exclusive and thrilling here.

Paradise 101 offers a wide variety of entertaining and cost-effective Langkawi packages to enhance your relaxation during your visit. We have exciting and fun-filled packages for people of all age groups. Whether you come as a couple, a big family, or a small group of friends, fear not, we have a suitable package for you.

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We also offer other Langkawi package holiday choices with many fun activities for you to do and have a thrilling experience during your stay in Langkawi. Our silver paradise package includes an extinguished stay inclusive of a private beach, fun bar and board games and even some kayak fun! A wonderful day out full of excitement, relaxation, and thrills awaits you. If you want to extend your fun, an Evening Pass is also included. Muslim-friendly packages are also available.

Our gold package is an amazing package that includes admission to some of our wonderful private island experiences as well as exclusive access to an exclusive deck area to enhance your stay. This package would include fun water sports activities, an evening pass, and even FREE drinks especially for you.

Our Platinum Paradise Package introduces you to a world of even more elegance and sheer joy. You’ll have access to our wonderful private area, as well as a day full of incredible adventures, including our Discover Magical Islands Tour. With all-day access to Paradise 101 and unique touches of exclusivity, this VIP package will leave you longing to return again and again – and you will, as a Platinum guest, with unlimited returns! Truly a deal you would not want to miss.

Ever thought about organizing a parasailing proposal? You bet. We have unique parasailing packages that add fun and excitement to water sports enthusiasts. We also have a Private Parasailing Wedding Proposal Package, which allows you to enjoy a glimpse of the seashore from hundreds of feet above the ocean waves. The wedding proposal parasailing package is ideally suited for lovebirds to glorify their proposal moment. Truly a remarkable experience included in our Langkawi Package 2021 to be gained.

Langkawi packages are one of the easiest ways to plan and book these trips. Langkawi packages are a convenient way to organize anything from flights and accommodations to tours, events, and more. They also provide excellent prices on all of your Langkawi vacations. There’s nothing like a Langkawi vacation to put a spring in your step. The sounds of crashing waves and the scent of salty air will help to refresh your mind and body. Sounds exciting? Wait no more and book right away for amazing deals on the Langkawi package tour. An unforgettable experience awaits you!