OMG RESTAURANT at Paradise 101 Langkawi

Welcome to OMG Restaurant in Paradise 101, Langkawi’s coolest relaxation spot. Our breath taking paradise island provides a hundred and one delectable beverages and amazing food against a backdrop of the ocean, palm trees and a beautiful beach. Indulge in our excellent selection of drinks and meals that will delight your taste buds and make your vacation to Langkawi even more memorable.

At OMG Restaurant, we use infusion from freshly local herbs to craft your unique drinks by our certified mixologist.







The Slice of Paradise 101!

What distinguishes our Pizza at OMG Restaurant in Paradise 101? We’d love to share our Chef’s unique and secret recipe with you. Chef combines three different types of cheese, handmade pizza sauce, thin crisp dough with Italian organic herbs, and freshly blended basil pesto to create the ultimate pizza. Any soup can be served as an addition to the seafood pizza, which is spiced with cajun spice and garlic.

Chef’s Special!

Always on the quest for something fresh and tasty, our chefs present you with some of the local favourites that will keep your appetite fired up and your taste senses enchanted with our amazing menu.

Authentic Cuisine

We are dedicated to creating traditional and home-style meals using only the freshest ingredients. We’ve handpicked the top cuisines from around the world to create a flavourful experience for you. We celebrate the work of our talented team members every day in our restaurant to simply provide our guests with a great dining experience .

Paradise 101 is the place to experience the ultimate traditional exquisite dining in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Healthy Drinks on the go!

We have a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Try our classic mocktails and innovative drinks, which complement many of our meals. We also have a complete bar with a diverse selection of beverages, including healthy juices and smoothies.

Organic healthy drinks are a great source of fibre, chlorophyll, key vitamins like vitamin K and C, and minerals like iron, boron, calcium, and magnesium, which assist to enhance your immune system. Health juices and smoothies can also aid to alkalinize the body, maintaining it in a healthy state. At OMG Restaurant, ranging from pineapples, mango, cranberry, and many more choices you can get healthy beverages to quench your thirst.

Paradise 101