Envision speeding high above Paradise 101’s own island! You’ll get a terrific perspective of the breathtaking countryside around you, and you’ll even get to fly over the Andaman Sea! The coolest zipline experience in Langkawi is a must-do on your visit to Paradise 101. Make your vacation to our private island even more exciting by strapping in for the ride of your life.

What is included?

  • Lifeguard on duty
  • FREE admission to Paradise 101 is included.

How much?

RM39 per person

There are some safeguards that can be done for a zipline ride experience. Riders are physically tied to the cable by a harness that connects to a trolley that can be removed. Almost all courses, regardless of size, demand the use of a helmet. Because all zip-line cables droop to some degree, appropriate cable tensioning is critical for customising the ride of a zipline.

Aqua Park

Ready for the most amazing inflatable Langkawi Aqua Park challenge? Play with buddies an exhilarating game of wipeout. Or take the exciting obstacle race and see who can finish it first!

With breathtaking views surrounding you as you bask in the waters, you will be assured by a lifeguard on duty as well. Enjoy the fun with maximum safety!

How much?

RM 42 per person

Don’t forget! For the very best value, you can book one of our silver packages. Book here

What is included?

  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Free access to Paradise 101 Aqua Park opening times depend on tide levels.

** Life jackets are to be worn when swimming at Paradise 101. 2 hours time limit


What can be better than a kayaking thrill to start or complete your day? Race the Langkawi Sea and go for it or take it a bit easier as you walk and get closer to nature. Kayak along the beautiful waters of Langkawi while gliding across the shore. A terrific way to begin your morning or conclude the afternoon!

Kayaking is known to be a relaxing water activity as well.

How much?

RM 35 per person
Includes free entry to Paradise 101 Don’t forget!
For the very best value, you can book one of our silver packages. Book here

** *Lifejackets are to be worn when swimming at Paradise 101

Our Promise

With Paradise101, you will be treated like family. Your safety and enjoyment is our primary mission. We are excited to meet you!

Payment methods

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