37 Best Things to Do in Langkawi [2023 Updated]


Langkawi is one of the top tourist spots of Malaysia. The many tourist attractions, high mountains and long beaches make it a perfect tourist destination for both locals and foreigners. If you are planning to visit Langkawi, here are some things to do in Langkawi in 2023 to make the absolute best of your journey.

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1. Explore Paradise 101 Langkawi

Best Activities to do in Langkawi

Paradise 101 is a private day resort island in Langkawi, Malaysia, perfect for your long awaiting unwinding trip. It is one of the latest attractions among tourists to relax and enjoy. The eco friendly island offers fun sports activities to enjoy with your family and friends. From banana boat rise to jet ski trip and snorkelling, the place holds unending excitement.

Located at Pantai Kok just near Telaga Harbour, this paradise island is easy to reach via boat shuttle in a matter of minutes. You can have all the daytime fun playing sports and enjoying the fantastic water of the island. While on night, you can join the private island party to enjoy your stay to the fullest.


2.Visit the Night Market

Langkawi night markets are a great way to experience some fresh authentic local cuisine. Recommended by both locals and tourists, the lively buzz of stalls, market holders and sizzling produce is not one to be missed! Held in a different place each night, the ones to look out for are the markets in Kuah and Pantai Cenang as these are the largest and most popular for tourists.

In order to beat the crowd, we recommend arriving at this night market just before sunset and try bringing your own cup or bowl if you wish to tantalise your taste buds with the street food on offer! If you haven’t got one, The Kasbah traveler’s cafe located not far from the Pantai Cenang night market offers reusable containers for you to help yourself to.


3. Take A Stroll Across Pantai Cenang

As one of the most popular beaches in Langkawi, Pantai Cenang is one of the best Langkawi attractions perfect for any visitor of the island. Surrounded by an abundance of local restaurants, bars and eateries, this stunning beach spot is perfect for families wishing to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the island soaking up the sun. For those seeking a more adventurous afternoon, the beach is also popular for its watersports including jet skiing, banana boating, kayaking, canoeing and parasailing.


4. Explore Lagenda Park

Otherwise known as the park of legends, Lagenda Park is a beautiful stretch of terrain that is dedicated to the myths and pre-historic era of the island. This area of Langkawi, Malaysia is perfect for those looking for a recreational and relaxing space to spend their afternoons. Throughout the park you will find 17 beautiful sculptures as well as a map of Langkawi and it’s 99 surrounding islands on a rock towards the entrance to the park.


5. Escape To Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful and majestic Langkawi attractions has to be the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. This stunning natural formation is located in the northwest corner of the Island and is made up of a series of natural pools. Fed from seven different waterfalls these formations are sourced from one singular mountain, Mount Mag Cincang. Locals have dubbed Telaga Tujuh as the land of the fairies thanks to its mystical and enhancing landscape. While you’re here, take the opportunity to enjoy the sights from the two viewing points or taking a dip in the waters.


6. Grab A Photo At Eagle Square

Otherwise known as Dataran Square, this beautiful spot is an unmissable attraction of the Langkawi island and one of the most easily recognisable landmarks. Thanks to its impressive architecture and landscape, the eagle square is designed in the shape of an eagle in the formation of a 12-metre-tall statue. Surrounded by terraces, bridges, scenic miniature fountains, this is one photo opportunity that you will not want to miss. Families and visitors can come and enjoy a relaxing morning or evening stroll around the square or watch the ferries come and leave from the harbour.

7. Go Snorkelling at Pulau Payar Marine Park

If you want to discover Langkawi by exploring the mystical wonders of the underwater world, we recommended taking a dip in the waters of Pulau Payar Marine Park. Here, you will be able to dive into the deepest depths of the island’s corals, complete with shipwrecks and colourful creatures whilst enjoying the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. If snorkelling isn’t your thing then you can still check the marine life out from the observation chamber.


8. Catch Some Malaysian Rays

If you’re looking for the quintessential holiday relaxation spot in Langkawi, Malaysia, then you cannot beat an afternoon sunbathing on one of its beautiful beaches. The island is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia and with so many to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! A popular spot for tourists is Pantai Cenang, however, if you are looking for a more secluded spot then we recommend Pantai Tengah Beach.


9. Watch The Sunset/Sunrise

It’s no secret that Langkawi has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and with that comes some astonishing sunsets and sunrises. Some of the best places to witness these astonishing views are along Telaga Harbour Boardwalk or Pantai Kok. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not pitch up a BBQ on any of the beaches and enjoy the views whilst sipping on a cold one.


10. Explore Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach is another popular spot amongst locals and tourists. Despite its name, the beach is actually a mix of black and white sand, formed through the trickling of a nearby hot spring. However, some locals believe it to be the result of a centuries-old curse laid by a mermaid when a fisherman stole her ring. This fascinating beach is located southwest of Tanjung Rhu Beach and offers a peaceful retreat from the island’s often crowded areas.


11. Have a Picnic On Tanjung Rhu Beach

If Black Sand Beach isn’t for you, try walking up to Tanjung Rhu Beach where you will be pleasantly surprised with the tranquil setting and private location. This beach is perfect for those wishing for some time away from the bustling tourist lifestyle and an equally as beautiful spot to pitch up a picnic with your loved ones.


12. Explore the thickest of Mangrove Forest

With close proximity to the white beaches and blue lagoons, the place even has a floating restaurant to settle down in the evening. Watching the sunset in Kilim is one of the best things to do in Langkawi with your family. If you love hugging nature up close then going on a mangrove tour around Kilim Nature Park is as close as you can get.

The mangrove forest will bring most close to nature’s wondrous beauties with lots of green plants and trees. The space is stretched across 100 square metre with wild habitats among the fauna and floras. You can see the brown eagles, lizards and macaques scattered around the forest while you take an eco friendly tour of the mangrove forest.


13. Soak in the breathtaking views of Gunung Raya

Are you a mountain person? If yes, hiking up the highest mountain in Langkawi can be one of the most fun and free Langkawi attractions. The 881 metres altitude of the mountain makes for a perfect trek in early morning or sunset time. You can see the top of the mountains and take some seriously exotic pictures of Langkawi from the top. If you are lucky, you can even catch hornbills, eagles, monkeys and colourful birds flying in the sky to welcome you in your adventure.

And if your legs give in to heavy trekking, you can take a 20-30 minutes drive up the mountain to experience the awesome view. Then if you feel like it, climb up the 4,287 steps of Gunung Raya. The five hours climb will work up a good appetite for a scrumptious picnic lunch up the mountain.


14. Go on a cycling expedition

Why go for the boring one-one-one sightseeing when you can cycle around the exotic island on your own? Sports events like Ironman Triathlons make the spot super popular for cyclists. It will give you the freedom to explore neverending things to do in Langkawi. You can simply rent a bike for just RM 50 a day and use the bike friendly Lankawi route to ride from Kuah to Padang Matsirat and more.

If you are visiting Langkawi with a bunch of cycling loving friends then go on a marathon of hitting various tourist attractions of Langkawi. And wherever you feel exhausted, make a stoppage to a park or a roadside restaurant. Indulge in delicious island cuisines and make a day out of it.


15. Visit the island inside the island

If you are thinking what to do in Langkawi that is not mentioned in the regular tourbook then visit the rarely discovered Pulau Tuba Island. Far from Kuah Town resides the remote island with beautiful plants and exotic wildlife. The quiet village life will soothe your soul as you explore the island inside the island of Langkawi.

If you want to take a day tour to the island, go on a boat tour and rent a motorbike. Ride through the village to soak up the culture and heritage of the place. Also, bring a binocular to catch the rare birds spotted here. The easiest route of the island is to onboard a boat from Kuah Jetty. The journey will take only 20 minutes and cost you as little as RM 10 per person.


16. Go Kayaking along Dayang Bunting

If you are already planning to go to Pulau Tuba, don’t miss out Dayang Bunting. Connected just by a bridge, this place has its charming ancient legend that draws many tourists to this spot.

Legend says Dayang Bunting was once home to a beautiful princess named Mambang Sari. She lost her child only a week after the baby was born. To honour the princess’ story, a lake was dedicated which sits upon the second largest island of Langkawi, Dayang Bunting.

The fresh water lake is perfect for a quiet afternoon to kayak along the soothing water. The calm breeze and the essence of this magnetic legendary place is an absolute must things to do in Langkawi.


17. Camp at the foothills of Durian Perangin

The unpredictable rain of Malaysia can often spoil your outdoor plan. To make a day out of a pouring rainy day, camping down the waterfall of Durian Perangin is one of the best things to do in Langkawi in 2021. The name of this waterfall is derived from the popular durian fruit. An oval tropical fruit with a strong scent is an absolute favourite of the locals.

If you visit the waterfall, you will see an abundance of this tree surrounding the waterfall. Situated on the north of Kilim Village, Durian Perangin gives you a breathtaking sight in rainy weather. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the tall 14 tier magnificent waterfall as the water glides down from the top.


18. Win the sky of Langkawi by parasailing

If you are up for some daredevil adventure, then parasailing should be your chosen thing to do in Langkawi. At only RM 80, the speedboats will safely harness you before taking you to a spin of parasailing. Once you are high up in the air, you will feel the breeze caressing your face as you get an exotic view of Langkawi’s beautiful mountain and ocean form the island’s coastline.

As couples, it can also be an excellent adventure for both of you to do together. This thrilling expense is quite affordable and gets your pulse running, not to mention the once in a lifetime experience if offered.


19. Take a tour to Galeria Perdana Museum

For history buffs out there, Galleria Perdana is one of the must things to do in Langkawi. Founded by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, this museum displays the many gifts the former prime minister received during his earlier time in the office.We all know the history of the legendary man but it is fun to see how he was honoured by the previous heads of states for his various achievements.

To mention a few, the museum displays Formula One racing cars and showpieces like vases that hold the picture of Dr Mahathir. The museum itself is an architecturally rich building with high ceiling and handcrafted design. Galleria Perdana can be a great experience to spend a lazy afternoon on your tour to Langkawi if you don’t feel like doing something too fancy for the day.


20. Pay your respect to the legendary beauty, Mahsuri’s Tomb

Langkawi is laced with legendary stories of olden days, Once there was an ethereal beauty named Mahsuri. She was so beautiful that the others envied her endlessly for her good looks. Out of spite and jealousy, the village sentenced Mahsuri to death. Since then, Langkawi had been cursed for seven generations.

You can visit Mahsuri’s Tomb and former home situated in the middle of the complex. Pay respect to this beautiful maiden who had fallen to a deadly fate due to an unjust society. The story is captured in the museum inside the place. You can learn more about the story in the many galleries holding her belongings.


21. Dive deep in the hot springs of Air Hangat

Air Hangat that otherwise means “Hot Water” is a beautiful village with multiple hot springs. The salt water of the springs are said to have healing properties. If you are exhausted from the many hikes and treks to Langkawi, then wash away your aches and pains in the hot water of the spring.

Among other things to do in Langkawi, this unwinding experience will revive you for the rest of the journey as you soak and heal in the warm healing water. The place also has multiple spa centres to provide ultimate relaxation. Rent a private open-air jacuzzi to explore the many springs available here for some added adventure.


22. Befriend Langkawi’s Wildlife

If you are an animal lover then you best not miss out the Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise. The close to nature replica of the place hosts 150 species of colourful birds including flamingos and peacocks. The place is also home to wildlife such as racoons, crocodiles, pelicans and more. This can be one of the fun things to do in Langkawi with your family to educate your children about the many animals and birds living among us.


23. Interact with the Art in Paradise 3D Museum

There are numerous restrictions to tours amid the pandemic. But visiting the Art in paradise 3D Museum can be one of those things to do in Langkawi that is both safe and accessible to the public with social distancing.

The Museum is divided into themes and zones depicting 3D art of versatile nature. From castle, safari, Egyptian to Malaysian theme, each of the art has its own three dimensional uniqueness. If you like art, this will be a treasure expedition to explore the 200 diverse art pieces displayed in this museum.


24. Take a mesmerizing ride on the Langkawi Cable Car

If you are in for a short day trip down the island, take a cable car ride to view the popular Langkawi Sky Bridge. Elevated at 2300 feet above sea level, the breathtaking view from the top of the bridge will leave you spellbound. The place is also surrounded with stalls filled with local cuisines and souvenir shops for a quick shopping and dining in Langkawi.


25. Travel the virtues of Oriental Village

Oriental Village is one of Langkawi’s latest attractions. It is a mix of an Asian themed park that features local heritage building models. You can also catch traditional performances of jugglers, martial art and music performers as you travel deep into the village. To make things more fun, learn to fly a kite in here or get your portraits painted by the amazing artists of the village.


26. Experience the Heart Stopping Crocodile Adventureland

If you want unique things to do in Langkawi in 2021 then pay a visit to Crocodile Adventureland. The place is home to many rare crocodile breeds including Tomistoma, Siamese, Saltwater and Guinea Crocodile. Interact in fun and interactive activities with the crocodiles in the Heart Stopping show of the Adventureland for an absolute fun day with your family.


27. Savour a Meal At OMG Restaurant

Nestled within Paradise 101 Langkawi, OMG Restaurant is a beach-hut-style eatery offering delightful drinks and scrumptious food against a backdrop of palm trees and the immaculate beach. Indulge in a wonderful selection of drinks and food that will satisfy your taste buds and make your visit to Langkawi even more memorable. OMG Restaurant is known for its authentic cuisines varying from stone-baked pizzas to their hand-picked wine collections for you to relish in.

The pizza here is a special highlight of its own. The chef combines three various types of cheese, handmade pizza sauce, thin crisp dough with Italian organic herbs, and freshly blended basil pesto to create the ultimate flavour that’ll melt in your mouth.

OMG Restaurant boasts different menus that cater for each and every preference. Try out their innovative, traditional margaritas, which complement many of their dishes. They also run a full bar, offering healthy juices, smoothies and other hand-crafted beverages. 


28. Pay Tributes to Farmers At Laman Padi Rice Garden

If you wish to learn more about or introduce your children to how rice is cultivated by farmers in Langkawi, head over to the Laman Padi Rice Garden for an insightful learning experience. Here you’ll find a vast expanse of lush green rice fields and a museum that’ll walk you through the process of how rice is grown and subsequently harvested. Take the opportunity to go out into one of the many rice paddies and plant the rice yourself, although bear in mind that you’ll need to remove your shoes in order to do this and the mud makes for a rather slimy experience. 


29. Take On an Adrenaline-Rushing Go-Karting Expedition at Morac Adventure Park

Operating both day and night, take the chance to feel like Lewis Hamilton as you put the pedal to the metal at Morac Adventure. The track here is built to international standards and the karts you’ll be driving are modernised SODI SR4 racing models, specifically designed for indoor and outdoor driving. Certified by MAM (Motorsport Association of Malaysia), rest assured you’ll feel safe and secure riding the course. 


30. Visit a Thai Buddhist Temple Without Crossing the Border

When travelling to Thailand and there’s a ‘wat’ involved, you know for sure it’s a visit to the temple! Despite not being in Thailand, there is a Thai Buddhist temple located on the island called Wat Koh Wanaram. This temple features a breathtaking white marbled statue of the Buddhist bodhisattva or locally known as Kuan Yin. The goddess of compassion, kindness and mercy looks like she’s carved into the mountain rock, though she isn’t. You’ll also see a large gold statue of the sitting Buddha, and inside the main prayer hall, smaller models depicting different Buddhas. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Langkawi, Wat Koh Wanaram is a place worth visiting. 


31. Traverse the Bat Cave 

Through mangroves along the Kilim River spots Gua Kelawar, which directly translates to bat cave. Traverse through a 60-metre-long pitch-dark cave with a flashlight in hand where over 1,000 Malaysian fruit bats reside, you’ll see them hanging upside down. Once you have made your way into the cave, shine the light towards the high veiling and witness the spectacle, if you’re daring enough. To visit Gua Kelawar, you need to take a 90-minute boat ride. Along the journey, sit back and take in the natural Langkawi landscape scenes. 


32. De-stress Your Body at Multiple Spas on the Island

Enjoy moments of tranquillity and pamper yourself at a multitude of spas on the island. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Langkawi for couples, book a package at the award-winning, luxury Geo Spa at the Four Seasons Resort. Alternatively, you can sign up for relaxing reiki and meditation classes at Rumah Holistic who are known for their myriad of wellness programs and treatments. You can put your travel makeup train case outside. Better yet, snag a facial or Ayurvedic massage at the Heavenly Spa by Westin Resort. Finally, treat yourself to a splurge at the Iridium Spa in St Regis Langkawi. 


33. Design and Produce Your Very Own Batik at Atma Alam Batik Art Village

Head over to Atma Alam Batik Art Village and learn the extensive history of Batik, and stand a chance to bring home your masterpiece. At the Batik Workshop, you’ll spot an exhibit of various artworks such as handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs. Artists will also be seen on site recreating the block prints. If you’re obsessed with all things Batik, feel free to browse through a collection of fabrics made by local artists which are up for sale. 


34. Set Foot in Virtual Realities at VR Universal

Ever felt like escaping from reality to a world full of fantasy? If you’re new to virtual reality, VR Universal in Langkawi is an epic VR park, boasting a whopping 12 various interactive attractions for you to attempt! Divided into four main themes, opt for the one experience that suits you the most. Put your racing skills to test, or try sky gliding at The Speed zone. To spice things up, head over to The Trill zone that defies gravity and sends shivers down your spine. That’s not all, many other experiences such as The Beat’s experience and Fruit Ninja await you. 


35. Give Quad Biking A Whirl

As you explore the ins and outs of Langkawi, grab the opportunity to go on a quad bike through the expansive rainforest and rice fields. Making your way through rivers and streams, wheel spinning through muddy terrains and dropping by local villages are one of the unique things to do in Langkawi. Depending on the quad tours you opted for, some of them head to waterfalls and the others, to a fruit farm. Most importantly, your entire journey is guided by an expert so worry not if this is your first quad bike excursion. 


36. Ride A Horse Along the Ocean Shore

What’s more romantic than a horseback ride under the sunset?—Or any time of the day you fancy. From beach scenes to the jungle and all the way through the mountains, the call is yours to trek across any landscape. If you’re a first-timer, trainers and guides are available at this equestrian centre to help you get comfortable till you’re confident enough to be on your own.


37. Get Your Hands On the Latest 6D Cinemotion

Outdoor adventures aside, sit back and enjoy 6D Cinemotions’s unique movie experience. Being the first outdoor 6D cinema in Asia, you’ll feel as though you’re part of the movie, or a character on screen! Not only you’ll be watching a 3D film, but you’ll also sense the special effects built into the theatre chairs. Moving from side to side, feel the vibrations underneath your feet during action scenes and multiple other epic cinematic features. You can conveniently access this cinema through Langkawi’s cable car. 

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