Top 9 Water Sport Activities To Do In Langkawi


Langkawi is a paradise for beach walkers, with its stunning beauty and scenery. Langkawi, known as the “Paradise on Earth,” is an incomparably delightful destination to experience the spectacular beauty of beaches and turquoise lagoons. Aside from the breath-taking views of the ocean and the surrounding emerald foliage, it is an ideal location for water sports. Visitors may be able to partake in parasailing, kayaking, snorkelling, and even Jet Skiing as a result of this.

Langkawi water activities allow visitors to experience the natural beauty of the sea in a unique way. Here are the Top 9 Water Sports activities in Langkawi.

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1. Parasailing

Langkawi is a great destination for daring water sports. Though almost all beach resorts offer parasailing excursions to their guests, the best area to do so is on Paradise 101. Unlike the many independent operators on Cenang beach which run and land on the beach area. The adrenaline you get when you’re lifted almost 500 feet above sea level and safely land back on the boat can’t be described in words. A parasailing ride lasts around 30 minutes. At least two people are hoisted at the same time.

You also get access to Langkawi’s number 1 private island destination – Paradise 101 and its facilities.

Book a unique parasailing experience with us here:

2. Jet Ski in the Andaman Sea

Enjoy a four-hour guided jet-ski trip of Langkawi’s breath-taking sights all exclusively by Paradise 101. This wonderful Jet Ski experience will take you to various nearby islands along the way the tour guide will explain all the magical legends of Langkawi. Not only does this package include the spectacular jet ski ride, but also access to Langkawi’s number 1 private island destination.

Naam offer jet ski hire from MYR216 – book online and gain access to Paradise 101 island and Aqua park. 

3.Kayaking in Langkawi

Kayaking is only one of the numerous adventure activities on offer in Langkawi.Kayaking is known to be fun. Race through the Langkawi sea kayaking whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the sea. It is a sure shot fun activity through and through.

Relax with a view of the clear blue sky and crystal water and let your hands do the work. The more you are relaxed, the better kayaking gets! If you want a more relaxing kayaking experience, why not book at Paradise 101?


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4. Island Hop On A Boat Trip Around Langkawi 

Explore the magical Southern islands of Langkawi in the comfort of a yacht. Cruise along and take in the picturesque views of the island. Uncover the hidden treasures of unique cave formations, sea arches and sea stacks. Discover secluded beaches and islands along the route and enjoy the fresh waters of the Pregnant Maiden lake, before returning to the boat to dry off and soak up the sun. An Island hopping boat trip in Langkawi is an unreal experience. Drink in breathtaking scenes of the echo channel whilst gliding through mountains, experience eagles feeding and the view amazing limestone transformations.

Book onto Naam’s 4 hour island tour starting from RM 210 per person, choose between our fully equipped fleet – the sea hawk or sea heron touring boat can be taken out on both a shared and private package.


5. Banana Boat 

Hold tight and get ready for an exhilarating of our Banana Boat Rides. Whisked along by a jet ski, up to 6 thrill-seekers can ride on each boat, taking in the views of Langkawi’s beaches as you race around our private island Paradise 101. You will also have a full safety briefing from our team before you set off and enjoy bouncing across the water. Back on the beach at Paradise 101, you can grab some food and refreshments or just simply relax.

Great fun, great excitement and all at a great, affordable price of Rm47 only with Paradise 101!

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6. Cruise from Paradise 101

Experience the most unique cruise in Langkawi. Setting off from Paradise 101, you can cruise along the northern part of Langkawi and experience the picturesque coastline. Along the way, you can unwind with complimentary drinks and light bites and savour the beautiful landscape of sparkling turquoise sea and a shoreline fringed by fine sand and coconut trees. Or why not end the perfect day with an atmospheric sunset cruise?

All boats are licensed and operated by Naam, the largest cruise and water sports operator on the island. Book now

7. Aqua Park

Play your own wipeout battle with your buddies in Langkawi’s most spectacular Aqua Park. On our private shore, we offer a complete adventure park on the water at Paradise 101. Enjoy the thrilling obstacle course and compete to see who can complete it first. Enjoy the warm warmth and refreshing seas of the Andaman Sea while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Langkawi.

With spectacular views of Langkawi all around while you bask in the warm tropical weather or chill yourself in the magnificent waters of the Andaman Sea. All with the security of a lifeguard on duty.

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8. Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be with the proper water temperature and stunning beaches with crystal blue Andaman Sea as beach water. Snorkeling on Langkawi Island is a fun family activity that people of all ages may participate in. Langkawi has a number of shallow coral reefs, making it an ideal snorkeling location. There are several speed boats and services available for transportation to the main island, so getting there will be no problem. Immerse yourself in a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside after a snorkeling session; Snorkeling is best done from November to March.

9. Wake boarding

If you know how to do it, wake boarding is a lot of fun. A smooth ride requires the right amount of pressure, speed, and balance. It is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. The seas off the coast of Langkawi are suitable for this pastime. Langkawi wake boarding has lately gained popularity because of the island beaches and the water of the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea provides the ideal opportunity for this amusing pastime due to the excellent surge of the water in the sea.

Furthermore, the crystal clear water top allows you to observe fish and corals as you cruise through the sea. At the same time, the surrounding scenery and climate provide the ideal accompaniment.

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