When’s The Best Time To Visit Langkawi?

best time to visit langkawi

Langkawi is an enduringly popular island, a true tropical paradise and with the climate to match! Expect the weather to be consistently hot and humid all year round, however Langkawi does experience the occasional rainfall and cloudy skies, but thankfully it is never too drastic. Located on the North-Western coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, the island is shielded from major winds and storms by the mainland on one side and Sumatra on the other. This brings more stability to the beautiful islands climate.

To help you choose when the best time of year to visit Langkawi is, we take a look at the weather throughout the year.


What’s The Weather Like In Langkawi?

Unlike many other parts of Malaysia, Langkawi enjoys far more sunshine, dry spells and stable weather. Being a great place to visit all year round thanks to the hot climate, there are two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season.

Dry Season In Langkawi

Langkawi’s dry season falls from November to March. The days are beautifully sunny and dry, with temperatures reaching 30-35°c, whilst at night remaining between 28-29°c. Expect long days with sunshine lasting till late afternoon. Langkawi’s dry season is a great time to get outdoors and appreciate the sunshine, whether it is whilst relaxing on magnificent beaches, or completing lots of outdoor activities and tours.

This is a popular time for tourists to visit the island as the beautiful weather and calm waters allow for excellent diving opportunities and water-based adventures, such as parasailing, jet-skiing and banana boating. Whilst demand spikes during this time, expect the costs of hotels, car rentals and even tour packages rates shoot up due to the popularity. So make sure you pre-book your accommodation and activities before heading over.

Rainy Season In Langkawi

Due to the tropical landscape, Langkawi weather experiences a higher chance of rainfall during the months of April to October, with the rain being heaviest in September and October. While the showers are sometimes accompanied by a violent thunderstorm, the weather in Langkawi is not usually adversely affected. Expect the sea to remain calm and the skies to clear to sunshine within a couple of hours.

Don’t let the showers put you off, the abundance of water brings plenty of greenery and blooming flowers to Langkawi’s landscape – offering truly picturesque views across the island.

During the rainy season, especially between the transitional period – April and August, Langkawi is quieter but still a popular destination for visitors. Everything on the island is a lot easier to access, making it is the perfect time to avoid the queues and head to those must see attractions.

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