7 Exotic Fruits Found In Langkawi

Exotic Fruits found in Langkawi

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1. Dragon Fruit

Blossomed from a cactus plant, This mythically named fruit looks like, what could be a dragon’s egg or heart (we’ll never know until we see a real dragon). Its phenomenal rich red spiky exterior allows it to stand out in mother nature’s tropical climate. Making it a wondrous looking fruit. The same can be said for the inside, which can be found to be the colour red, white or magenta. It is followed by a plethora of black seeded dots plunged throughout the fruity centre. Moving onto taste, once you have peeled back the red skin you are greeted with a crunchy sweet centre. A much-enjoyed fruit in Langkawi, be sure to taste it on your next visit.


2. Durian

Durian is much like Marmite, you would either love it or hate it. ‘Duri’ which means thorn in Malay pays homage to the durian fruits outer shell. Which is like a nestle of thorns and green in colour.  The flesh of the Durian is where the pungent smell comes from. To some, this is a strong pleasant aroma and to others is a strong stench (Just like Marmite, It really depends on the individual). There’s only one way to find out if you’re in favour of this fruit or not, and that’s trying it for yourself.

3. Pomegranate

Despite the leathery texture on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that gets everyone excited. The small ruby red seeds bursting with sweet juice are why this is one of Langkawi’s favourites. To let you all in on a little secret when picking out a pomegranate – Pick the one that has thin, tough and unbroken skin, then find the heaviest one you can find. The heavier the juicer! You can thank us later, enjoy!


4. Rambutan

This hairy specimen is conveniently named Rambutan, which means ‘hair’ in Malay. But don’t let that put you off. As the famous saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s on the inside that everyone goes made for. Once you peel back the rind you are gifted with a pulpy white flesh, bursting with a sweet aromatic juice. But be careful these small pleasurable bites can be quite addictive.

5. Longan

The longan is the distant cousin to the lychee and rambutan. So named because it resembled an eyeball and when opens the white flesh and black pip resembles a cat’s eye. Once peeled you get to enjoy the aromatic scent and sweet taste the longan has to offer.

6. Mangosteen

Known as the ‘Queen of Fruits’. There is a fascinating tale behind this fruit. It was said that Queen Victoria had made several attempts to have one brought to her, and to whomever successfully brought her the fruit would be bestowed with a knighthood. Unfortunately, all attempts to bring the fruit to her failed, as it would not last the duration of the journey from Southeast Asia to England. Be sure to try this fruit on your next trip to Langkawi. If it’s fit for a Queen then it’s more than fit for you!

7. Rose Apple 

Imagine a cross between an Apple, a Pear and a Guava. Behold you get the Rose Apple! Named because of its blossoming rosebud shape and red colour. The Rose Apple has a crunchy texture and sweet juicy taste. Great addition to add to your fruity bucket list when you’re wandering around Langkawi trying new fruits.

Are there any fruits we should’ve added to the list or you recommend? Let us know in the comments below. We love sharing new and interesting experiences with our community.


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