7 Reasons To Visit Langkawi’s Heaven On Earth

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Enjoy Langkawi’s Heaven on Earth
Are there any places you can think of that can give you your own private beach, a breathtaking view, delicious cuisine and cocktails and a plethora of life-changing experiences to tick off your bucket list?  Well, look no further than Paradise 101, Langkawi’s number 1 private island destination. Based in the north of Malaysia, Paradise 101 is easily accessible from the popular exotic destination of Langkawi. The island has famously been coined “heaven on earth”.  Here are our 7 reasons why:


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1. Exclusive Private Island 

As soon as you step foot on Langkawi’s number 1 private island you feel a sense of exclusivity. Experience everything from zip lining, jet skiing, cruises to private beach parties, fine dining cuisine and amazing cocktails all at a VIP level. The island is just a short boat ride away from Langkawi beach but has its own air of exotic exclusion, sitting nicely on the water.

 2. The Sea Is Your Playground

Hop on a jet ski and race across the Langkawi sea. This has become one of the most popular experiences of paradise 101. Speeding through the shores, racing your friends and family whilst feeling the rush of air hit your face and the mist of water cool you in the exotic warmth. As an extra treat, you can also discover some magical islands as you explore.

3. A Bird’s Eye Scenic View 

There are various ways to get into the sky for a scenic view, however none as thrilling as the parasailing experience offered by Paradise 101. Speed through the sea on an exhilarating speedboat whilst being lifted into the air via parachute. Sore higher and higher absorbing the ever-growing scenic view. Another special experience Paradise 101 offers is proposing to your other half high in the sky!

4. Relaxing Cruises

There’s no better way to spend a tropical evening in Langkawi than on a Sea Heron. It cruises through the picturesque straits between Dayang Bunting and Tuba islands, and then to the best highlights of the southern islands. Watch the colours of the sky change from just a hint of a colour to shades of deeper orange, purple and red while you cruise along the harbour.

5. Something For The Kids

Behold an entire adventure park on the water. Enjoy an exhilarating obstacle course with your friends and family and take the challenge to see who can finish it first. Take in the amazing views of Langkawi around you whilst enjoying the tropical weather and cool waters.

6. OMG! That’s Delicious Cuisine 

Enjoy the finest cuisine prepared by culinary specialists. Paradise 101 has access to one of the most diverse teams of chefs in Langkawi offering cuisine from around the world, all cooked to perfection. It is said that one who dines on paradise, dines like royalty. If you are a big foodie we recommend you dine at the OMG Bar & Restaurant. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with a cocktail or two!

7. Heaven On Earth 

Paradise 101 has been a memorable experience for many including travel bloggers like Soraya, Celebrities from all over the world and even royalty! Thousands have come and left with everlasting memories that they will cherish forever. Furthermore, Paradise 101 has seen how popular they have become and made it even easier to book an experience by introducing their new Silver, Gold and Platinum packages!   

Interested in visiting Langkawi’s hottest destination? Book your luxury island experience packages with Paradise 101,  here.



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