15 Best Family Attractions in Langkawi You Must Visit (2023 Updated)

family attraction langkawi

Attempt to visualise a lush green tropical island situated beneath the mystifying low-lying clouds, and surrounded by the impeccable, turquoise sea. The virgin jungle unblemished which is prominent to the eyes. The thick, salty air gently brushing through your cheeks. The island is teeming with nonpareil natural bounty. It is Langkawi that we are referring to. 

We have compiled an extensive list of the best tourist attractions in Langkawi from exhilarating adventures to peaceful sightseeing, all the fun things to do in Langkawi with your children.

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15 Best Family Attractions in Langkawi You Do Not Want to Miss Out On

1) Paradise 101 Eco-Friendly, Private Day-Resort Island 

family attraction langkawi

Whether you are looking to spend your vacation in a relaxing ambience, introduce your children to some thrilling water sport activities, spend the lovely night grooving and dancing at a private island party, Paradise 101 is the place. Their diverse range of activities cater for everyone including families with toddlers. Situated adjacent to Telaga Harbour at Pantai Kok, you may access this amazing family attraction in Langkawi via a free boat shuttle that gets you to Paradise 101 in minutes . 

Experience a gripping banana boat ride, Jet Ski Island Hopping, Parasailing and much more. After all the fun, satisfy your hunger at the amazing OMG restaurant. Their plethora of supreme thin crust pizza selections are amongst one of their specialities you mustn’t miss out.

Regardless of the age and size of your family, Paradise 101 is the perfect one-stop destination for all the fun you seek including relaxing and unwinding, literally a paradise on earth per se! Apart from the vast array of exhilarating recreational activities , Paradise 101 is exceptionally notable for the OMG restaurant and the amazing Sunset cruise trips. Rest assured that your children will have the best school holiday ever in this family-friendly resort.

2) Langkawi Cable Car (SkyCab)

(source : Viator)

If your children are terrified of heights, then this experience will cure them permanently, in a good way. Also known as the Langkawi SkyCab, this cable car is deemed the steepest across the globe with the longest free span for a mono-cable car. 

Embark from the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau and opt straight to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. This 2.2km cable car trip will take around 15-20 minutes. An out-of-the-world family attraction Langkawi that surely worths the experience. 

You are welcome to choose between a regular gondola or a glass-bottom gondola if you wish to spice-up the experience. Sit back and enjoy as you fixate on the immaculate scenery with birds in the treetops and the jungle below. 

3) Oriental Village 

family attraction langkawi

(source : TripAdvisor)

A popular themed outdoor shopping complex abundant with souvenirs, clothes, art galleries, food, and entertainment. You can spend the entire day here as you roll around in a Zorb or an inflatable ball on the water whereas your kids zip-line across the pond. This surely is a delightful family attraction Langkawi for you and your children to create fond memories in.

4) Duck Tour

(source : Eddy Rush Fatboy Studio & Co.)

Now that you have witnessed the beauty of Langkawi from high up above, it is about time you see what its land has to offer. Situated at the entrance to the Oriental Village, this strikingly coloured amphibious duck tour is a must-go for your children to get a kick out of the splash down. Take a quick drive down to the marina as you navigate around the harbour and return back to the village. A rather relaxing activity for you and your family to unwind in. 

5) ATV Extreme Zone Langkawi 

(source : Thrillophilia)

There are a myriad of different operators providing ATV tours across the island but this is the best thus far. Bring your children on an adventure to the expansive rice fields and to a buffalo farm, followed by a long shady pathway that drives you through a pleasantly-scented rainforest where you will arrive at a secluded waterfall. A hidden gem if you will. Enjoy your moment spectating locals grilling chicken on an open fire, a fairly whimsical experience that is shielded from the crowded attraction of Langkawi. Bring along extra swimsuits as your children may want to take a quick splash into the water. Definitely the perfect family attraction Langkawi for your family to relish in if you are not in a hurry. 

6) Underwater World Langkawi 

(source : Islamic Tourism Centre)

This highly frequented family attraction Langkawi never once ceased to amaze. A family-friendly aquarium that houses hundreds of fish and marine life from all over the world. Interestingly, it is also recognised as Malaysia’s largest aquarium. Take a relaxing stroll along the awe-inspiring 15-metre long tunnel while being surrounded by 600,000 litres of seawater accompanied by adorable fishes. Visit the duty-free shopping centre for a retail therapy or the wide array of family-friendly restaurants for refreshments afterwards. 

7) Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi 

(source : Viator)

Treat your children to a one-of-a-kind escapade that is home to over 1,000 crocodiles. This family attraction Langkawi is teeming with the world’s largest range of alligator and crocodile species alike. As you take the time to explore, you will encounter newborns to fully-grown reptiles. This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn about fascinating facts regarding crocodiles, a piece of knowledge they rarely get to touch on in school. You will find yourself marvelled at the enthralling sight of crocodiles devouring their meals at the feeding pond. 

8) Langkawi Wildlife Park 

(source : Thrillophilia)

If your children happened to be an animal lover, this family attraction Langkawi, is precisely the paradise they have been dreaming of visiting. In Asia’s first fully covered wildlife park, you get to discover the beauty of Malaysia’s abundant flora and fauna. Home to lush vegetation and 150 over animal species, your children stand a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with the animals up close and being caught up in a personal animal-feeding session. 

9) Langkawi Nature Park

(source : Inspirock)

Another heavenly kingdom to children who are animal enthusiasts, Langkawi National Park is one of the largest ecotourism centres known in the region. Situated within the Kilim Geoforest Park enclave, take a relaxing stroll through a dense mangrove jungle on the 800-metre long boardwalk. Feel free to opt for an exciting boat ride that allows you to witness the beauty of Kilim Geoforest Park teeming with abundant animal species in their natural habitat.

10) Mangrove Forest and Eagle Watching 

(source : Travelyamu.com)

While you are in Langkawi, take the golden opportunity to connect with nature as much as you can, you do not get to do much of these in bustling cities. Appreciate the beauty of nature on the island by going on a mangrove forest tour with your children where you will ride through a dense natural untouched forest while witnessing the jaw-dropping limestone cliffs. Be prepared to gain immense knowledge on how the environment was formed by your tour guide. Remember to snap plenty of photos of the picturesque scenery for you to reminisce in the future. 

11) Time Travel Imaginarium 

(source : Behance)

An interactive theme park, this family attraction Langkawi is a must-go if you are bringing your toddlers with you. This theme park utilises contemporary technology to create engaging games that children find most enjoyable. It is divided into various zones including the Jurassic Age, 1980s, 2020, 3300, and last but not least, far into the future year X. Each zone is apt to present a distinct set of interactive games ideal for children of all ages. 

12) Art in Paradise 

family attraction langkawi

(source : Tripadvisor)

Enter a universe where you and your children can be a part of various artistic paintings and murals. Art in Paradise is none other than an interactive 3D museum that features optical illusion-based artwork birthed by reputable international artists. Situated adjacent to the Oriental Village, you are provided a 2,000 square metre exhibition space to explore. Take the chance to appreciate the wonders of the artwork and immerse yourself within where you take plenty of comical photos with your children. This is literally one of the few chances you get to be as nutty as a fruitcake and nobody will judge you. 

13) Ayer Hangat Village 

(source : vipmalaysia.com)

If you are looking for a more relaxing recreational activity, then head over to this family attraction Langkawi. Located approximately 14km north of Kuah Town, Ayer Hangat Village is centred around an exceptionally rare natural hot saltwater spring – available in only 3 other countries. Ponds, pools, untouched landscaped gardens, spa, private Jacuzzi, ask and you shall receive. 

14) Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

(source : JomJalan)

This amazing wildlife park is home to an eclectic range of wildlife including but not limited to birds, monkeys, rabbits, and ostriches. Stand a chance to feed the largest freshwater fish in the world Arapaima which is native to the Amazon Basin. The walkthrough tropical rainforest aviary is extremely whimsical as you witness quail and birds wandering around and you can even feed them out of your hands.

15) Agro Technology Park

(source : Lembaga Pembangunan Langkawi)

Finally the last family attraction Langkawi you should stop by. Bring your children to Langkawi’s Mardi Agro Technology Park, an eco-tourism spot teeming with abundant colourful flowers. While there is ample greenery to explore, you will get the most out of it by joining a guided tour where you will be introduced to horticultural activities carried out by onsite workers. Alternatively, let the walking trails guide you through as you take in the natural scenery of nearby jungles. 

Have You Decided on Which Family Attraction Langkawi to Visit? 

Langkawi is home to ample man-made and natural attractions most of which are children-friendly. Each recreation and tour offers a unique experience you will never get to obtain elsewhere. As you travel around the island during you children’s school holiday, you will decipher what makes Langkawi a gem – indeed, the “Jewel of Kedah”. 


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