“The Before & Afterwards” Langkawi International Art Tourism 2022 at Paradise 101

langkawi international art tourism

Persatuan Pengurusan ArtMalaysia (PPAM) or Art Malaysia Association organised the biennial Langkawi International Art Tourism themed “The Before & Afterwards” at Paradise 101 from 30 August 2022 to 4 September 2022 with the sole objective of making Langkawi an international contemporary art destination and a preferred location for travelling, painting and sculpting.

This event serves more than just an art exhibition, rather, a convergence for artists to celebrate a diversity of artwork. As ambassadors of their own country, local and international artists from all over the world (19 countries) have flocked to Langkawi, specifically Paradise 101 resort to present and exchange their masterpieces from visual arts to sculpture, installation arts to video arts, as well as performing arts.

At the art exhibition, three booths were set up overlooking the pristine Andaman Sea, with the Sun, Sea and Sand working in synergy to offer visitors the most iconic art viewing experience possible. Better yet, visitors stood a chance to interact with the brilliant minds behind each artwork; understand the eyes and hands of an artist, where simple and rustic scenes come to life.

A multitude of art activities and excursions took place, two of which being an Art Jam by the Sea and Plein Air, featuring a live model outdoor painting session.

This group exhibition has once again, successfully integrated connections amongst like minded individuals who share a passion for arts, by encouraging the exchange of culture and formation of meaningful bonds, in such a way where geographical boundaries don’t exist, and right here at Paradise 101 Langkawi.


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