5 Day Langkawi Itinerary

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As a beautiful island filled with the potential for an incredible adventure, Langkawi promises to offer an unforgettable holiday experience. But with 5 days to explore this beautiful island, how can you make the most of your time and ensure you have an amazing vacation?

We’ve put together a list of some of the best activities to make sure you visit all the must-see attractions in Langkawi. So, check out our recommendations for thrill-seekers. You may even get some Instagram-worthy photo ops!

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1. Day One: Take the Tour and Find the Night Market

There’s nothing like a tour to ease you into your beautiful new surroundings.

At Naam, we offer private boat hire, luxury car and boat cruise tours. For those who would prefer to leave other activities for another day, there’s also an option to book a half day boat hire or cruise journey. Whether you choose to spend half a day touring, or just start early and have time to do so in the evening, we’d recommend visiting the night market for food. The exact location changes frequently but the food they offer includes different delicacies, and it’s appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

All boat hire and cruise options include access to our private island: Paradise 101, which offers a wealth of adventure. This enables us to tailor your experience to meet your idea of fun. Whether you’d prefer to relax, have some drinks or even try out some water sport activities, Paradise 101 can help you enjoy your time in Langkawi. With free returns and boat transfers available, you also won’t have to stress about transport during your stay on the island.

2. Day Two: Mangrove Tour and Jet Skis

If you love discovering wildlife and taking part in active water sports, Langkawi is the ideal place to visit.

Mangrove tours take place across the Kilim River and allow visitors to explore the Geoforest Park, either by boat or by kayak. The unique location is home to a variety of unusual animals, including swimming monkeys and exotic snakes. After being closer to nature, why not stay on the water and enjoy a jet ski experience?

With two people able to travel on each jet ski, it’s the perfect opportunity for a romantic occasion too.

We use the latest Yamaha models as our jet skis, as they offer the ultimate adventure experience with quieter running and better fuel efficiency for a smoother journey.

Free return boat transfers or free return journeys back to Paradise 101 and Jetty 101 respectively is included. We also offer a full safety briefing and have a Safety Marshall available throughout the duration of the jet ski trips to ensure we’re offering complete peace of mind.

3. Day Three: Parasailing and an Aqua Park Experience

If you’re a thrill-seeker, then nothing suggests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like parasailing.

Our custom-built parasailing vessel is capable of reaching heights of up to 500 feet above sea level.

We combine high-tech equipment for adventure seekers with comprehensive safety checks and standards. We provide life jackets for the duration of your experience, a free return shuttle service to Paradise 101 and offer cool towels served with welcome drinks.

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic proposal, we also provide a private parasailing proposal experience. A proposal banner is placed on the beach, which can be seen from the air. Up to 10 passengers can be included as part of the experience should this be desired.

For an experience the whole family can enjoy, which not visit the Aqua Park? From just MYR30 and including a free pass to Paradise 101, the inflatable aqua park offers adventure without a hefty price tag. What we do have, however, is a dedicated lifeguard on duty to put your mind at rest.

We also offer a banana boat ride, which is suitable for the whole family too, and also priced at just MYR30 per person. Who knows, it may be the perfect way to end the evening.

4. Day Four: Jungle Trekking and Ziplining

If you enjoyed discovering the different animals on the Mangrove tour, why not go jungle trekking and learn more about these animals in their natural habitat. From finding your way through the rainforest to climbing mountain sides or well-trodden foot paths, there’s a different route to suit every need. Just make sure you hire a local, licensed expert to show you the ropes, as you don’t want to risk getting lost or you may end up encroaching on the animals’ space.

Could you picture yourself soaring through the sky with the stunning views of Langkawi around you? If so, why not satisfy your inner daredevil while you can by booking a ziplining experience?

At just MYR30, the zipline experience is sure to be a popular option with other guests too. It is strongly advised to therefore book online in advance to secure your place on this must-see adventure.

If you’d prefer something a little less exhiliterating but still want to enjoy the stunning views on offer in Langkawi, we’d recommend a kayaking journey instead.

5. Day Five: Langkawi Beach and a Sunset Boat Ride

For a more relaxed day to wrap up an incredible holiday, we’d suggest a trip to the beach.

There’s likely to be at least one beach close to the hotel in which you’re staying.

This is particularly the case in areas that are more popular with tourists, such as Pantai Cenang, as this destination is known for its white, sandy beaches. There are also cafés and restaurants there, should you wish to refuel.

Our sunset boat ride can be shared by two or more individuals and would offer a truly unforgettable end to your holiday. Glide along the glistening water while experiencing the gorgeous views of North Langkawi.

Not looking for such a romantic boat ride? Why not try our Discover Magical Islands boat tour instead? On this boat tour, you’ll get to explore the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and discover unique cave formations.

If you’re visiting for a few days, it’s definitely worth getting a silver, gold or platinum package for optimum value. Contact us today to find out more about your next adventure.

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