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Langkawi Beaches

Langkawi is a picturesque island in the Andaman Sea, one of Malaysia’s most famous vacation spots, rich in natural landscapes, extensive parks, and iconic monuments. This tropical paradise is the best vacation getaway for anybody seeking relaxation and tranquility, therefore you won’t be disappointed to be home to some of the best beaches in the world!

Publicly accessible beaches are along the coast of Langkawi, with amazing views of the Andaman Sea and surrounding islands. Some have hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, while others are less developed and more suitable for day excursions and other water sport activities.

Whether your bucket list includes water sports, swimming, sunbathing, or snorkeling, we have covered you with our comprehensive guide to Langkawi’s finest beaches.

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1. Paradise 101

Paradise 101 is the number 1 private resort in Langkawi. This secret island of pure entertainment and excitement is in the beautiful Andaman Sea backdrop. Near Telaga Harbour at Pantai Kok in Langkawi, Paradise 101 can be accessed via boat shuttle which gets to the island in minutes.
Paradise 101 provides you with the ultimate luxury getaway to an exclusive place where paradise meets the earth. Beautiful white beaches that invite you into the sea to enjoy a simple swim or a world of water sports or memorable cruising adventures will surround you.

Full of exciting activities and water sports, including banana boat rides, jet skis, parasailing, kayaking, or even a zip line rush, Paradise 101 has everything to offer. Then you will find yourself equally pleased to choose whether you want to rest and calm after all the excitement. All this combines to create Paradise 101 Langkawi’s ideal resort. You may also enjoy a unique island-hopping tour of the Paradise 101 jet ski island and exploring neighbouring islands such as Dayang Bunting.

You will never be hungry with different fusion cuisines at OMG Restaurant. Order your favourite drink, or order a signature cocktail by a professional mixologist. Regardless of what your paradise concept is, take a minute to pose in a series of Insta-friendly huge bird nests. It is an Instagram-worthy spot!


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Paradise 101 is one of the very first exclusive resorts to be certified with the MySafe Langkawi certification. Paradise 101 can be visited safely and tourists can be accommodated in a clean and perfectly harmless environment. Tourists can also enjoy water sports activities and other fun activities with zero fear!

All the staff is vaccinated and the resort also adheres to all the SOPs very strictly. Staff have also attended the CERIA course attentively and are well aware of all Covid-19 SOPs. So, travelers can gear up and come to Paradise 101 to enjoy maximum fun with safety measures intact.

Additionally, Paradise 101 is also MyTQA Certified. The MyTQA Certification also plays a vital role. Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA) is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) to improve the services and quality of facilities for tourism products in Malaysia.

The MyTQA Certificate helps increase tourist’s confidence in MyTQA-recognized tourism products. It also aids to classify tourism products that meet high-quality standards to satisfy the needs of domestic & international tourists.

2. Pantai Cenang Beach


Pantai Cenang is perhaps Langkawi’s most popular, lively, and entertaining beach with much to do, to see, and eat. The coastline is surrounded by restaurants, duty-free shopping areas, motels, massage rooms, and the Langkawi Underwater World, Malaysia’s biggest aquarium, hosting over 200 species of marine life including seals, penguins, huge rays, and sharks! Water sports are popular here, and you will be delighted to pick from so many exciting activities.

Alongside a variety of beach bars, restaurants, and spas, the beach also has one of Asia’s most stunning sunsets! In addition, it is also excellent for swimming, water sports, and families.

The beach is usually packed around sunset time, with cafes and restaurants providing beverages with an excellent view of the sunset! The seashore has another change during the nighttime, with its vibrant ranges of trendy clubs, pubs, and restaurants. If you’re in the neighborhood on Thursday, you’ll even get to see the Temoyang Night Market!



3. Tanjung Rhu


Near the northeast end of Langkawi lies this lovely isolated beach. This amazing hideaway is ideal for both children and couples who want to avoid the activity of other surrounding beach attractions.

Tanjung Rhu is a beach that offers a calm atmosphere that differs significantly from the powerful Pantai Cenang. if you’d rather have a quiet sunny day. Tanjung Rhu is crisp, clean, and somewhat isolated, with beautiful seas like crystal, powder-fine sand, and swinging coconut palms.

Located away from Langkawi’s hustle and bustle, the individuals that hang out here are typically guests at Tanjung Rhu Resort, a magnificent 5-star beachfront hotel.



4. Pantai Tengah Beach


For those seeking a more romantic and calmer environment, check out the fascinating Pantai Tengah. This beautiful sandy beach on the west coast of Langkawi has fewer visitors than Pantai Cenang. This provides a better chance to unwind in solitude. Along with other water sports like banana boating and jet skiing, this secluded paradise is ideal for couples looking for a romantic experience.

Chill at one of the restaurants or cafes on the beach and see the sun go down with a cool drink in your hand. There are plenty of restaurants in the neighborhood, offering all kinds of meals from Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Iranian and Malaysian cuisine.


5. Pantai Kok


Pantai Kok is another one of Langkawi’s finest beaches with its magnificent length of sand on the West Coast near the renowned cable car of Langkawi. Accompanied by a wide variety of pubs and restaurants, tourists may relax over the beautiful sunset and enjoy crystal clear seas on the beaches, and a stunning view of the bay.

Pantai Kok is often regarded as Langkawi’s finest beach for a luxury vacation, with both beautiful sandy areas and a variety of high-end resorts. On the west shore next to the Langkawi Cable Car, there are many pubs and restaurants on the beach, while people seeking romance may enjoy the sunset while drinking.


6. Teluk Yu (Shark Bay Beach)


Do not be deceived by the name! This lovely, picturesque location is called for the stone shark sculptures that lie along the promenade. Although Teluk Yu is considerably smaller than the others, both local people and visitors enjoy this beach. The tranquil seas make it an excellent location for people who want to swim.

Don’t worry, the actual sharks aren’t here. There is also a beach-side restaurant, where you may have a drink or snacks when you get hungry Although the area is rather modest, tourists frequently rank Teluk Yu as one of Langkawi’s finest beaches. While many restaurants and cafes are just a few minutes away from the Langkawi Craft Complex.


7. Black Sand Beach


The Black Sand Beach of Langkawi is situated on the northern central coast of the island and is one of those unusual spots that appear to challenge nature’s rules. After all, how often do you see a black sand beach?

The beach is an unusual aesthetic striking of black and white sands. Because of its remoteness from the more popular southern and south-eastern parts of the island, it receives less traffic than many others, which makes it an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts.

There are several rumours about the origins of black sand; they are as varied as a curse from a squabble jungle, hardened lava from the sea bottom, and a major fire and deforestation occurring almost 200 years ago in the area. Whatever the case, Black Sand Beach is one of the locations that are worth seeing.


8. Pantai Pasir Tengkorak


Located just at the west of the huge bay on the northern coast of the island, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is one beach that may still be possible to avoid the crowds.
The beach at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak provides a range of leisure activities, including swimming, hiking, camping, and sunbathing, and the islands of Southern Thailand, Ko Tarutao, are within easy reach. On both ends of the shore, there are also remarkable rock formations dating back over 500 million years.

Although it is far from many attractions in Langkawi, local people frequently come to the beach during weekends and for vacations. The Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach belongs to the recreational forest of Hutan Lipur Pasir Tengkorak, where you may find many picnic tables, beachside huts, restrooms, toilets, and praying rooms.
A variety of food booths offer fruit drinks, coconut water, fish crackers, fried chicken, and sausages right outside the park’s main entrance.


9. Datai Bay


Datai Bay is located on the northwestern extremity of Langkawi, home to some of Langkawi’s most beautiful resorts, including The Datai and The Andaman. The curving sandy beach at Datai Bay is famous for being exclusive and isolated, with clear, inviting water and pristine coastlines.

There are no attractions or sightseeing sites on this side of the island, but serenity is abundant as it is far from the people flooding the other famous public beaches. Also, take note that Datai Bay is situated a little further from other beaches, and Kuah, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Pantai Cenang.

The beach at Datai Bay is beautifully maintained and has a curving length of white sand that provides a wonderful view of the sea and the islands ahead. The Datai Bay Golf Club and the Langkawi Crocodile Farm are both within walking distance.

10. Burau Bay Beach


Burau Bay is a secluded beach along the west coast of Langkawi, about a 10-minute walk from Langkawi Cable Car. The beautiful beach overlooks the magnificent Gunung Mat Cincang, Seratosa Island, and Burau Island, The white sandy coastline is a beautiful 2-kilometer extensive area, ideal for a lengthy stroll. The water is very nice and clean, making it suitable to swim. You may spend a couple of hours on this beach and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

Both extremities of Burau Bay are occupied by two five-star resorts, Berjaya Langkawi Resort and The Danna Langkawi. Both resorts offer hotel guests and tourists a broad variety of water sports activities, including banana boats and jet skiing.

Burau Bay is also ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and having amazing views of the sunset. Outstanding sites such as Langkawi Cable Car, Oriental Village, and Telaga Harbor Park may be reached within a five-minute drive from Burau Bay.



11. Pulau Tuba


5 km southwest of Kuah Jetty, is a lovely isolated island named Pulau Tuba. It includes a traditional fishing town, unique flora and fauna, and a series of homestays. It is also the only inhabited island in the region, apart from the larger Langkawi Island, and can be reached by boat in 20 minutes from Kuah Jetty. Many island shopping excursions include a visit to Pulau Tuba, but please verify with the coordinators before making a reservation.

If you want to leave the main island and go someplace a little isolated, this is it! The beach itself is impeccable and a range of unique tropical birds may be seen while you are relaxing at the beach.



12. Pebble Beach


As the name suggests, Pebble Beach is a sandless beach with only rocks and pebbles. Rocks and pebbles of almost every kind and size can be found here, justifying the name of the beach. Very few locals or travelers are aware of this beach or visit it because it is not suitable for swimming since there is no sand.
Pebble Beach is located at the northwestern end of Langkawi in the Datai area. Hidden near the Temurun waterfalls, you must follow a narrow steep trail that leads you down to the beach through a jungle.



Langkawi’s white sand beaches are undoubtedly some of the finest in Malaysia. The island’s beaches, from sandy bays to sweeping coasts, are popular with residents, beach lovers, and visitors from all over the world.

For more information about what Langkawi offers, visit At Paradise 101, leisure and watersports are provided in luxury with class and style, giving you unforgettable experiences to last a lifetime!

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