Types Of Langkawi Boat Trips


Famous for its surreal bays and beautiful beaches – Langkawi is the perfect place to set sail and experience the Andaman sea in the comfort of a luxury boat. Whilst visiting the secluded island, it should be at the top of everybody’s list to see the picturesque views Langkawi has to offer – from romantic sunset cruises, to feeling the cool breeze on thrill rides across the ocean. Paradise 101 take a look at the best cruises Langkawi has to offer.


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Explore Langkawi’s Magical Islands 

When choosing the very best experiences and activities to do in Langkawi – exploring the magnificent southern islands of Langkawi should be at the top of your list. Book onto an island hopping boat tour and uncover hidden treasures. Cruise along the turquoise ocean, discovering unique cave formations to sea arches and sea stacks. As you sail along the ocean, crews will guide you along your ride to discovery, taking you along the echo channel viewing limestone formation and watching eagles feed. Enjoy a swim in a secluded beach along the way and experience the fresh waters of the Pregnant Maiden lake – one of Langkawi’s well known mystical legend stories.


Thrill Ride Across The Andaman Sea

Take in the lush greenery of the main island whilst racing alongside on the turquoise waters. There is no better way to soak up the sun than on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Take a thrill ride over the ocean waves and experience the cool breeze rushing around you as you race along.


Langkawi Sunset Cruise

End your fun packed day gliding into the glistening water – experiencing the stunning views of the sun setting over North Langkawi. Langkawi’s sunset cruise is truly unforgettable. Discover the sun fade for another day and enjoy pure tranquility at sea. There is no better way to watch Langkawi’s sunset than on the calm waters of the Andaman sea, watching the skies turn from blue to a casting orange glow on the waters reflection. The sunset boat ride is a truly magical experience.


Experience An Evening Dinner Yacht Cruise 

Unwind on the 55ft Sea Falcon yacht with an evening dinner cruise. Listen to tranquil music while sipping on a complimentary drink and enjoying a beautiful dinner using fresh ingredients. Set sail into the sea whilst watching the sun slowly set over Langkawi’s lush hills. An evening dinner yacht cruise also gives you an opportunity for an evening dip in the turquoise waters before heading back to the paradise that awaits you in Langkawi.

When booking onto a Naam boat trip, you will gain full access to Paradise 101 for the day. Explore the heart racing experiences by day before indulging in our unique, relaxing activities during the evening. If you are looking for more information on Langkawi and what it has to offer, feel free to contact our team or head over to our blog.


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