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Langkawi Cable Car

The Langkawi Cable Car, officially labeled a Langkawi SkyCab, is one of the finest things Malaysia has to offer and is fascinating for tourists. People don’t miss the trip on the Langkawi cable car due to its beautiful position and much more that it offers nearby.

This cable car offers an amazing view of the mountains of Machinchang in the background. It is 2150 m long and extends to 680 m with a panoramic view of the treetops of the thick jungle. The 15-minute exciting cable car journey is full of adventure and provides an insight into the bizarre views of the ancient rock formations and thick woods.

The Seven Wells, another big feature on the island, may also be seen from the gondola. There is a little restaurant on top of the mountain and a shop where you can purchase some food. There is an observation platform with numerous signs pointing to the major towns and neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.


Three Stations at The Cable Car

There are three stops on the Langkawi Cable Car – Base Station, Mid Station, Top Station

The base station is where the cable car trip begins and finishes on the Oriental Village in the north-western part of the island of Langkawi. The cable cars travel 1700m from this point to the intermediate station.

The next is the intermediate station located 650 meters above sea level. Passengers stop here to photograph the bizarre mountain panorama before going back on the cable car to finish the final 450m to the Top Station. The last and finest section of the Langkawi cableway is the highest station, at an altitude of 708 m above sea level, on the Langkawi cable car.

You may stand and enjoy the fresh air on dual panoramic platforms and also see the amazing 360-degree panorama on Langkawi.

Know more about the Langkawi cable car and admire the panoramic view of the area on an attractive journey. The exciting 15-minute route is 2150 meters long and 680 meters long with excellent views of the thick rainforest.

Fun Attractions Not To Be Missed

1. SkyCab

SkyCab is a glider across the thick green rainforest and the 550 million-year-old rock formations that offer a fantastic riding experience. This is one of the earliest cable cars to come from the ancient sea and estuary in the oldest region of South East Asia. The whole experience of riding this cable car will certainly give you chills.


2. SkyRex

SkyRex is an exciting and exciting experience for those who wish to enjoy everything. Following the tour, guests must sit on a simulator and prepare themselves for a 5-minute journey in a new universe. This rollercoaster offers one of its kind sensations of real life, filled with elements including dynamic movement, air blasts, water spray, and dramatic lighting.


3. SkyDome:

SkyDome is a journey you certainly have to experience when visiting the Langkawi Cable Car. This effort has been made to reduce the waiting time and make the whole visit a memorable experience. The SkyDome is designed with 12 projectors and offers 360 degrees of 3D picture projection, providing an easy overview of the whole vista.


4. SkyBridge:

Walking across the world’s largest free-span and the curving bridge is an experience you certainly can’t miss. This amazing human-made wonder was built above the Machinchang mountain in 2004. The bridge may be reached from the top of the Langkawi cable car station. With a height of 82 meters and around 100 meters above the earth, this bridge is ideal to enhance that adrenaline rush.


5. SkyGlide:

Enjoy a trip on this kind of cargo which travels from above to below according to the level of the slope. Riding this magnificent glider provides a great perspective on and around Mount Machinchang.


6. SkyBoutique:

There are approximately three SkyBoutique stores for shoppers that you may visit to purchase souvenirs and goods including clothing, bowls, hats, keychains, magnets, and more. One is located at the base station, the second is at the top station, and the third is at the International Airport of Langkawi (LIA).


7. 6D Cinemotion:

Langkawi has every opportunity to amaze its tourists and the 6D Cinemotion is among the things that set the standard. This is one of Asia’s first outdoor 6D cinemas and the first in Langkawi. The primary elements of this movie include 3D stereoscopic film, with many combinations of special effects, and a 5D special effects seat that allows spectators to experience their actual life.


8. 3D Art Museum Langkawi:

This 3D art museum is located in the vicinity of Oriental Village in an area of 21,000 square feet. This location is renowned for its intriguing 3D interactive artworks by a brilliant international artist.


9. SkyAdventure Park:

This is the perfect location to see some of the exciting tours and a lovely view of nature. During the humpy trails, you may appreciate the bizarre environment while up and down the rides.


10. Gunung Machinchang

This mountain bears witness to Malaysia’s ancient geology. It contains 450 million years of metamorphosed rock, which throughout the ages has created a unique biological environment.

This is why in 2007 UNESCO granted geopark status to Langkawi, making it the sole geopark in South-Eastern Asia and the 52nd under the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

Walking over the sky bridge is like walking in the clouds with wonderful views of the surrounding horizon, the scenery of the island, the skyline, and the seas. It takes around 20 minutes from the resort.


Langkawi Cable Car Entrance Fee Details

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (closes by 8 pm)
Sunday Friday (and holidays): 9.30 am to 7 pm entry (closes by 8 pm) Only Wednesday: 12 noon to 7 pm (closes by 8 pm)

The ideal time to go is clear weather only during the early hours of the morning. The Langkawi Cable Car is located 30.4 kilometres from the city center of Langkawi.

Admission fee:

Malaysians – Adult (RM 43), Child (2-12) RM 33, Adult Express Lane (RM 93 – No Queuing), Child Express Lane – (RM 83)

Non-Malaysians – Adult (RM 85), Child (2-12) RM 65, Adult Express Lane (RM 135 – No Queuing), Child Express Lane (RM – 115)

Rental & Contacts:

Langkawi Cable Car Address: Oriental Village, Burau Bay, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman.


Phone Number: +604 959 4225/1225

Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd is the Langkawi Cable Car business. It is situated in the Pantai Kok region on the northwest side of Langkawi. You may take a taxi or hire a vehicle from Oriental Village One way to get to the cable car from Pantai Cenang.


Other Facilities At The Langkawi Cable Car

Cable Car Station facilities in Langkawi There are many activities and amenities at the base station and high stations to spend and enjoy plenty of time. The base station at Oriental Village is full of picturesque shops and restaurants.

At the top of the station, there is a small café with snacks of various types including burgers, grilled sandwiches, chicken and fish dishes, cold beverages, etc.

Local artists may also create a sketch or caricature of your face in front of you. Or you may purchase a picture memento that captures an example of your own journey. Small handmade souvenirs and presents are offered at stations.

One of the most important is the replica of your hand made by a craftsman with wax and you may pick the colors. Kiosks for reflexology may also be found, which is a foot treatment you can do while enjoying beautiful views all around.

At 708 meters above sea level, at the upper station, you will be able to send a letter, a postcard, or a greeting card to whomever you want. Free toilets and washrooms are available!

Langkawi’s cable car ride is one of the most unforgettable thrills you will ever experience. Adults, kids, families, and couples have ample activities and attractions to visit there! Experience a thrilling cable car journey over the beautiful forests of Langkawi and 550 million years of rock. Gaze at the lovely scenery of Pulau Langkawi and the surrounding greenery and wildlife.

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