Safest Place to Visit In Langkawi During Covid


In the past several weeks the news of the Tourism Recovery Plan in Langkawi has been the subject of exciting discussion. Currently in the last phases of negotiation are authorities including the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture planning to promote Langkawi as a pilot location to reopen for fully vaccinated tourists and travelers from 16 September 2021.

Domestic and international tourists that are fully vaccinated will be welcomed in the coming months. Before re-opening international travel borders, the national travel bubble will first be developed. The Langkawi Travel Bubble marks the beginning of domestic tourism and is very carefully executed so that all tourists may be guaranteed safety.

In the midst of all the sectors slowly opening up, there are more concerns on which are the safest places to visit in Langkawi during this Covid-19 period amidst a travel bubble plan. So here is a list of places that would be safe to visit in Langkawi if you are planning a vacation in the near future. Here’s a list of segments and places that are safe to visit in Langkawi when you travel.

Table of Contents

1. Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are ready for travelers again to open their doors. The stringent rules and processes as outlined in our COVID Safe Plan, as well as maintenance of all hotel equipment and facilities, are essential for all hotel business partners, suppliers, and contractors at all times in order to avoid the breakout of the Covid 19. Hotels and resorts are therefore entirely safe!

Paradise 101 is one of the very first exclusive resorts to be certified with the MySafe Langkawi certification. Paradise 101 can be visited safely and tourists can be accommodated in a clean and perfectly harmless environment. Tourists can also enjoy the water sports activities and other fun activities with Paradise 101 with zero fear!

All the staff is vaccinated and the resort also adheres to all the SOPs very strictly. Staff have also attended the CERIA course attentively and are well aware of all Covid-19 SOPs. So travelers can gear up and come to Paradise 101 to enjoy maximum fun with safety measures intact.

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2. Lodging and Homestays


Homestays and lodging are also permitted. This covers Airbnbs as well. In order to guarantee the safety of everybody, SOPs must be observed at all times. Hotels, resorts, and homestays must ensure that all employees have been vaccinated completely. You must also be certified Mysafe and participate in the CERIA training (COVID-19 SOP Risk Assessment)

3. Food & Beverage Outlets


Food and Beverage Outlets are allowed to operate as well. Dine-Ins will be also permitted. It depends on the restaurant’s capacity, including social distance, in addition to adherence to SOPs. Pubs and nightclubs cannot yet function in order to prevent a huge crowd risking.

Speaking of dining in, how does having a flavorsome cuisine facing the beautiful beach view sound? OMG Restaurant in Paradise 101, is Langkawi’s coolest relaxation spot indeed! Indulge in an exceptional selection of drinks and cuisines that will delight your taste buds and make your vacation to Langkawi even more memorable.

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4. Travel & Tours


Travel and Tours companies including car rentals are allowed to operate. They will help to ensuring and controlling the number of people heading to a certain location and operate efficiently in order to avoid crowds all at once.

Arrive at your hotel effortlessly and in sheer style taking in the scenery and listening to soothing music, all thanks to our exclusive Chauffeur Transfer Services by NAAM Transfers and Tours. Once your perfect holiday is over, head back to the airport in the same comfortable, relaxing way. Included with the transfers are chauffeurs in elegant uniforms, complimentary mineral water, soothing music, and magazines in the vehicle.

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5. Tourism Products


All tourism products such as the Langkawi Cable Car, Mangrove Tours, and 3D Museums will also be allowed to operate. Tourism products are natural, cultural, and man-made resources, attractions, facilities, services, and activities that form the basis of the marketing mix and generate an overall tourist. Langkawi is recognized for its numerous tourism products full of nature that are always an ideal destination for many tourists.

Paradise 101 also offers amazing fun-filled activities that you can try while you visit Langkawi. Whether you want to spend the day relaxing, enjoying some fantastic water sports activities, or even spend the night at a private island party, this private island paradise caters to all.

Whether it’s banana boats, island-hopping by jet ski, snorkeling, or taking on the infamous aqua park – these are just a few offerings to experience by water at Paradise 101. What are you waiting for? Book today.


6. Retail Outlets


Langkawi is well known for being a duty-free zone. Travelers love to shop at Langkawi due to this. So, retail outlets will be operating and they are completely safe. Staff is all required to be fully vaccinated to ensure a smooth business operation. So, get ready to shop till you drop at Langkawi! Make sure you abide by the SOPs. Travelers are required to scan their MySejahtera app and take temperature checks before entering an outlet.

In line with this, The MyTQA Certification also plays a vital role. Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance (MyTQA) is an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) to improve the services and quality of facilities for tourism products in Malaysia.

It is a recognition of tourism products and provides exposure to tourism industries to prioritize the quality of services provided. MyTQA is seen as one of the programs that focus on the needs of tourists first.

The objective is to increase tourists’ confidence in MyTQA-recognized tourism products. Classify tourism products that meet high-quality standards to satisfy the needs of domestic & international tourists thus improving the quality of tourism products in Malaysia and the quality of services offered.

Amongst the establishments that hold the MyTQA certification are: Paradise 101 Langkawi, Crocodile Adventure Land, Langkawi, Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park, Panorama Langkawi (Langkawi Cable Car), Underwater World, Langkawi, and many more!

But before visiting Langkawi or even booking accommodation to stay in Langkawi, travelers have to take note of the Mysafe Langkawi Certification. In line with allowing tourism in Langkawi, a unique travel conformity certificate named My Safe Langkawi has been presented by the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada), aimed at regulating standard operations processes (SOPs).


What is MySafe Langkawi?

Under its Mysafe Langkawi programme, six travel trades, hotel, food and beverage establishments, homestay, retail, travel agencies, and product operators, will receive accreditation. The concept of MySafe Langkawi is to set a standard for the operation of tourism-related businesses. This will also help to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 as well as promote Langkawi being a safe holiday and travel destination.

The certificate issue terms and conditions include two doses of vaccination for all workers before they begin to work. In addition, at least one staff must complete the risk assessment certificate Covid-19 organized by the Langkawi Tourism Association in each office or travel agency. The six segments that come under this programme are Hotels and Resorts, Lodging Facilities, Food & Beverage Outlets, Travel and Tours, Tourism Products, and Retail Outlets.

Why is this important?

Mysafe Langkawi was developed to set a standard for the operation of tourism-related businesses in Langkawi. This is also to help prevent further outbreaks of the Covid-19. Mysafe Langkawi will also aid in promoting Langkawi as a safe holiday destination making it almost like a safe haven for travelers to come and enjoy themselves without having to worry!

Paradise 101 is one of the first exclusive resorts to be certified with the My Safe Langkawi certification. Paradise 101 can be visited safely and tourists can be accommodated in a clean and perfectly harmless environment. Tourists can also enjoy the water sports activities and other fun activities with Paradise 101 with zero fear!

The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected sectors worldwide, impacting major tourist spots such as Langkawi. The reopening of Langkawi is hopeful to enable local operators after a lengthy drought of tourists to recover their confidence and jobs and to restore hope for many.

Nevertheless, we would advise anyone to stay cautious when they go outside or travel regardless of whether they are vaccinated with COVID-19 instances which continue to grow in Malaysia.

Remember that even fully vaccinated people are susceptible to COVID-19, keep your masks up, keep your distance, always keep your protection up! Soon we can go through this fight together. After all, it is #KitaJagaKita


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